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Supporting Squad Kyle Walker Family Cheers Him at the Euros



Annie Kilner is with her son in the playground.

Lauryn Goodman has just arrived at tonight’s England versus Denmark match, joining Annie Kilner who has also taken her seat. They’re both here at the Euros 2024 tournament to cheer on Kyle Walker. Despite any past differences, they’re both eagerly watching and supporting him tonight.

As the drama unfolded, they settled in to watch the game, witnessing England’s captain Harry Kane score his 64th goal for his country. Kyle Walker persistence and pace played a crucial role in the goal. With Victor Kristiansen also catching their attention during the match.

Walker, who has been with his childhood sweetheart Annie for 15 years. He has two children with influencer Lauryn from their relationship. Annie, who is now 32 years old, first met Kyle Walker when she was 16 and he was 18 while he was playing for his hometown club Sheffield United.

The couple married in November 2021, but their relationship fell apart. When it emerged that Kyle had another child with Lauryn, who is 33 years old. This love triangle began in 2019 and has led to public conflicts between the WAGs, with disputes often playing out in the media and on social platforms.


Despite the ongoing drama, Lauryn has been steadfast in her determination to bring her two children to watch Kyle Walker play at the 2024 Euros in Germany. The Sun reported in April that she told a friend. I determined to make sure my children can see their dad playing for the Three Lions this summer.

Lauryn claimed that Kyle made a promise to Kairo because the young boy didn’t attend the 2022 World Cup. According to a source, during the World Cup, Kyle would message Lauryn, saying, “That win, that celebration was for Kairo.”

“He even brought Kairo a World Cup ball and a shirt back. Kyle apparently said he was sorry Kairo couldn’t be there and expressed his desire for him to join at the Euros.”

Annie has chosen to remain silent, but reportedly confided to a friend privately that Lauryn intends to go to inevitably cause drama that could distract the team.


Kyle has four sons with Annie Roman, aged 11, Riaan, aged seven, Reign, aged five, and baby Rezon and two with Lauryn Kairo, aged four, and a daughter, who is 11 months old.

Lauryn and Walker began a secret relationship in the summer of 2019, shortly after she ended her relationship with football agent Dane Rashford. She announced in January that she was expecting a child with a prominent player from the England national team.

In March 2023, Lauryn disclosed that she was pregnant with her second child. Kyle fueled speculation that he was the father in September 2023. When he purchased a £2.5 million coastal home for the influencer and her two children.

The day after Boxing Day, Annie received a sudden message alleging that Kyle was the father of Lauryn’s second child.


Lauryn reportedly responded bluntly, stating I don’t have two baby daddies I have one. And forwarded a photo of Kyle enjoying a play date with both their children in a park.

Following this revelation, Annie asked Kyle to leave their £2.4 million family home. Shortly afterward, it revealed that Annie was pregnant with their fourth child.

In April, Annie gave birth to Rezon with Kyle by her side. A spokesperson for Kyle had previously stated, Kyle fully focused on upcoming games to give the team. The best chance of winning the trophy for the millions of England fans, including his wife and their children.

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