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Sergio Aguero Welcomes Messi and Argentina to Copa America with Adorable Goats



Sergio Aguero Welcomes Messi to Copa America with Goats

Argentina has arrived in Miami for this year’s Copa America and received an unusual welcome. Sergio Aguero greeted the team with a herd of goats.

Well, supposedly. There are definitely photos of Manchester City star Sergio Aguero with some goats, but no other Argentinian players seen. The whole event actually a publicity stunt organized by the gambling company

The entire event is playing on the term ‘GOAT,’ which stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time.’ cleverly refers to Sergio Aguero as ‘one of the GOATs,’ even though he played alongside the more superior Lionel Messi.

Aguero said, “I’ve played with the greatest of all time, and it was fun to spend the day with some more goats! If Argentina can win the Copa America, they can make sure everyone remembers them as one of the greatest teams ever.”


Argentina will try to keep their Copa America title after winning in 2021. In the final against Brazil, also Angel Di Maria scored the only goal. They start this year’s tournament by playing against Canada, Chile, and Peru in the group stage.

Speaking about his country’s chances, Aguero said, “Argentina always considered a contender. As for pressure? I don’t think so. We accustomed to it. The key is maintaining the style and team philosophy we’ve built. Our success has come from sticking to that.”

Aguero remarked, The players who were part of that journey should pass on their experience to the new ones. It’s great that this happens naturally. The national team benefits from all the new talent, and they will continue to improve because of it.

Now Messi is playing for Inter Miami, will feel at home at Argentina’s base in Florida. While, the team used this location to prepare for a pre-World Cup friendly in 2022, which preceded their tournament victory. Aguero added, Miami has a large community of Argentine expats and many other Latin Americans who support our team. It’s a familiar and supportive environment.


With Leo playing for Inter Miami, that sentiment grows even stronger. But there are also many Mexicans, Colombians, Venezuelans, and fans of other national teams here.

We could say that Miami is possibly the city with the most also diverse fanbase supporting various teams in the Copa America.

Aguero retired in 2021 shortly after leaving Manchester City and having a brief stint at Barcelona. His time there was shortcut due to a cardiac arrhythmia. Which led doctors to advise him to retire from professional football.

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