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Rupert Murdoch’s Silent Support Saved Mike Johnson from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Ouster



Marjorie Taylor Greene(In Left), Rupert Murdoch(In Center), and Mike Johnson(In Left).

Rupert Murdoch might not be showing off in front of cameras, but he recently proved how much influence he still has within the Republican Party. He quietly helped out Mike Johnson when things got tough with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to kick him out.

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The big boss of conservative media, Rupert Murdoch, runs a bunch of major outlets like Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. When Marjorie Taylor Greene went all out against the House Speaker for supporting an aid package for Ukraine, Murdoch’s media empire didn’t hold back.

They not so secretly got behind Mike Johnson and slammed Greene hard. The New York Post even put “MOSCOW MARJORIE” on its cover, taking a direct shot at her.


Rupert Murdoch stood out from the crowd in the world of right-wing media when it came to supporting Mike Johnson. While Murdoch’s media outlets backed Johnson, other strong voices in the MAGA Media camp went after him relentlessly for weeks.

Personalities like Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, along with platforms like Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit, painted Johnson as a weak Republican who turned his back on conservative values. They accused him of siding with the Democrats instead of standing firm with the conservative movement.

Despite the relentless attacks aimed at Mike Johnson, they didn’t manage to knock him out of his position as House Speaker on Wednesday. The House quickly shut down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to remove him from his leadership role. The embarrassing episode finally came to an end after she couldn’t rally support from Donald Trump and other key Republican allies. On top of that, Democrats sided with Johnson, sealing his victory.

When it came to covering the vote on Fox News, they didn’t seem to give it much importance. They only briefly mentioned it as members voted, not delving deeply into the details. However, on CNN and MSNBC, the coverage was much more extensive. They provided comprehensive live updates, offering viewers a thorough understanding of what was happening during the vote.


The difference in coverage between Fox News and the other networks was stark, with Fox appearing to downplay the significance of the event compared to the more detailed reporting on CNN and MSNBC.

This incident serves as a valuable lesson when we look at who holds the reins of power within the GOP. It highlights just how much sway Rupert Murdoch still has over the party, despite his influence dwindling somewhat in recent times. His media empire remains a significant force in the right wing media landscape, acting as a gravitational center.

The fact that Murdoch’s media outlets didn’t join in the criticism of Johnson played a crucial role in Greene’s efforts falling short. Without their support, her campaign lacked the momentum needed to truly threaten Johnson’s leadership position.

The way things unfolded could have taken a drastically different turn if Rupert Murdoch had chosen to take a different approach. Imagine if Murdoch had allowed or instructed Fox News to intensify their criticism of Johnson.

While CNN and MSNBC interrupted their regular programming to broadcast the House chamber's vote in full, Fox News remained committed to its scheduled episode of "The Five," offering minimal coverage of the event.
While CNN and MSNBC interrupted their regular programming to broadcast the House chamber’s vote in full. Fox News remained committed to its scheduled episode of “The Five,” offering minimal coverage of the event.

In that scenario, Johnson would have faced a much bigger challenge. Instead of just facing criticism from figures like Carlson and Bannon in their more fringe platforms. The attacks would have spread to the wider GOP audience through Fox News. This would have seriously endangered Johnson’s leadership position.

Moreover, if Fox News had amplified the attacks, it would have encouraged other Republicans to join in. By creating even more pressure on Johnson. So, Murdoch’s decision not to fan the flames of criticism played a pivotal role in keeping Johnson’s leadership intact.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect is how this could have influenced Donald Trump’s response. Instead of backing Johnson, Trump might have taken a different stance if he had been swayed by Fox News.

In a scenario where Fox News amplified criticism of Johnson, Trump might have turned against the House speaker. This could have had a ripple effect, leading other Republicans to follow suit in criticizing Johnson. In this alternate scenario, Trump’s response could have been pivotal in shaping the outcome. Which potentially tipping the scales against Johnson’s leadership.

Thankfully, Murdoch’s decision not to escalate the situation likely played a significant role in maintaining Trump’s support. This support is for Johnson and preventing a broader Republican backlash against him.


In the end, none of those hypothetical scenarios came to pass. Instead, Rupert Murdoch quietly came to Mike Johnson’s aid, effectively helping him avoid what could have been a serious crisis. Despite being largely unseen in the whole affair, the 93-year-old billionaire emerged as perhaps Johnson’s most crucial ally. Even if his role wasn’t widely acknowledged.

By refraining from public criticism and allowing his media outlets to maintain a neutral stance. Murdoch played a pivotal role in ensuring Johnson’s leadership remained secure. While his influence may not have been obvious on the surface. Murdoch’s behind the scenes support proved to be invaluable in shaping the outcome of this episode.

In other corners of the right-wing media landscape, Mike Johnson was painted as a traitor. Without the protective shield of Murdoch Media. It’s acting like an Iron Dome to deflect the harsh criticisms and preventing them from permeating deep into the GOP’s core. Johnson would have undoubtedly found himself in a precarious position.

The absence of Murdoch’s outlets taking a stand effectively safeguarded Johnson from the onslaught of attacks that could have undermined his authority. This shielded him from what would have likely been a significant challenge to his leadership.


So, while Johnson faced condemnation elsewhere, the support from Murdoch Media served as a crucial barrier, ensuring his position remained stable within the Republican ranks.

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