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NY Rangers Gear Up for Game 6 After 2 Days Rest At Hurricanes



Josh Lavallee

After a tough loss, the New York Rangers are looking ahead with optimism. They’ve got a two day break before Game 6 against the Carolina Hurricanes. This break could be just what they need to regroup and find their momentum again.

Just a few days ago, they were dominating the series, but now they need to regain control. These two days off will give them time to rest and refocus. It’s a chance for the team to recharge, analyze what went wrong, and come back stronger. With determination and a fresh mindset, they’re aiming to turn the tide and reclaim their lead in the Eastern Conference Second Round series.

NY Rangers coach Peter Laviolette shared his thoughts on the upcoming break. Which emphasizing its importance for rest and resetting the team’s mindset. He highlighted that both teams will have the same opportunity to rest, ensuring a level playing field.

Laviolette stressed the significance of using this time to refocus and prepare for the next game. He wants his players to be fully dialed in and ready to execute their game plan effectively.


By taking advantage of this break, the NY Rangers aim to come back refreshed and determined. To perform at their best in the upcoming match against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Josh Lavallee
Josh Lavallee

After a disappointing 4-1 loss in Game 5 at Madison Square Garden. The New York Rangers are taking a proactive approach to turn things around. With a two day break ahead, there’s valuable time for the team to regroup, recharge, and reflect. Off-ice workouts, team meetings, and soul searching sessions are all on the agenda.

The NY Rangers know they didn’t meet their own high standards in the last game. But they’re determined to learn from it and come back stronger. This break isn’t just about physical rest it’s an opportunity for mental reset and strategic planning. With their eyes set on Game 6, the Rangers are committed to reclaiming their winning form and showing their true capabilities on the ice.

Looking ahead to Game 6 at PNC Arena on Thursday, the New York Rangers understand the importance of diving into the details to turn the tide in their favor. Despite leading the series 3-2, they’re not resting on their laurels.

The past two games haven’t gone their way, and they’re fully aware of the momentum shift. To regain control, the NY Rangers must address the shortcomings that plagued them in Monday’s game.


It’s all about being proactive and making necessary corrections to emerge as a stronger and more determined team. With the series on the line, every detail counts. The NY Rangers are ready to embrace the challenge and showcase their resilience on the ice. Which aiming to reclaim their dominance and secure a spot in the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Coach Laviolette shared some insightful thoughts about the importance of desperation in hockey. He emphasized that it’s not something you can simply give to someone. It’s a feeling that you have to experience firsthand.

As the NY Rangers gear up for the next game, they understand that the stakes are higher and the margin for error is smaller. With the series hanging in the balance. The team must tap into that sense of urgency and rise to the occasion.

Laviolette highlighted the ongoing conversations within the team, whether they’re focused on motivation, strategy, or tactics. With two days before the next game, there’s valuable time to address any issues and ensure that the team is fully prepared to meet the challenge head on.


During the two-day break, the NY Rangers will take a deep dive into what went awry during Game 5. However, even Coach Laviolette admitted that pinpointing the exact reasons behind their off-game performance is challenging.

The team struggled throughout the match, and it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive evaluation of individual players or team dynamics. Laviolette acknowledged the tough nature of the game and emphasized the need to move forward without dwelling on the past.

Despite the setback, the NY Rangers are focused on learning from their mistakes and channeling their energy into preparing for the upcoming game.

The NY Rangers are facing some challenges, particularly on the power play, which has gone cold recently. Despite starting the series strong, going 4-for-9, including a perfect 2-for-2 in Game 1. They’ve struggled in the past three games, going 0-for-8. Center Vincent Trocheck pointed out that one area needing improvement is their execution on power play entries.


Trocheck noted that the Hurricanes’ penalty kill strategy hasn’t drastically changed; they remain aggressive. However, the Rangers have struggled to handle this pressure effectively. The team’s sluggishness has hindered their ability to maintain the attacking mindset they previously demonstrated.

The NY Rangers recognize the importance of addressing these issues during the break. They’ll likely focus on refining their power play strategies. Particularly in terms of entries, and finding ways to counteract the Hurricanes’ aggressive penalty kill.

With time to analyze and make adjustments, the Rangers are hopeful they can reignite their power play success and regain momentum heading into Game 6.

Coach Laviolette highlighted the need for the Rangers to improve their power play performance by reviewing their strategies for better entries and setups. He emphasized the pressure applied by the Hurricanes, both through the neutral zone and in their defensive zone. Which has challenged the Rangers during power play opportunities.


Laviolette stressed the importance of finding solutions to handle this pressure more effectively to create scoring opportunities on the power play.

In addition to their power play struggles, the Rangers recognize the necessity of sharpening their 5-on-5 game. In Game 5, they failed to score at even strength and limited to just 15 shots on goal.

Moreover, any Grade-A high danger chances they had were not memorable. Which indicating a need for improvement in generating quality scoring opportunities during 5-on-5 play.

During the break, the team will likely focus on refining their offensive strategies. Both on the power play and at even strength. They’ll analyze their performance in Game 5 and work on adjustments to enhance their offensive effectiveness in Game 6.


With determination and attention to detail, the Rangers aim to elevate their game and regain momentum in the series against the Hurricanes.

In Game 5, the Rangers’ only goal came from Jacob Trouba’s short handed effort in the second period. Which highlighting their struggles to generate offense throughout the game. Forward Chris Kreider acknowledged the team’s defensive lapses. It is noting that they sacrificed their structure in their own zone, particularly early in the game.

This lack of defensive discipline resulted in an increased number of odd-man rushes for the Hurricanes, a departure from the Rangers’ performance in previous games of the series.

Kreider highlighted the importance of playing detailed hockey, suggesting that the team’s focus on hard work was not always accompanied by smart decision-making on the ice. He pointed out instances where the Rangers deviated from their usual game plan, opting to dump the puck on the Hurricanes’ goaltender rather than making strategic plays to create scoring opportunities.


Additionally, Kreider noted a failure to execute effective breakouts, as the team struggled to transition from defense to offense.

Looking ahead, the Rangers recognize the need to tighten up defensively and return to their structured style of play. They understand that by adhering to their game plan and executing simple, fundamental plays, they can generate more scoring chances and regain control of the series against the Hurricanes.

During the break before Game 6, the team will likely focus on addressing these issues and making the necessary adjustments to improve their performance on both ends of the ice.

Despite the disappointing outcome in Game 5, Rangers coach Laviolette remains optimistic about the team’s ability to bounce back. The third period saw a flurry of goals from the Hurricanes, culminating in an empty-netter by Martin Necas.


Laviolette acknowledges the need for improvement but emphasizes the team’s resilience and confidence. He points to past instances where the Rangers responded to adversity with stronger performances in subsequent games, highlighting their ability to learn and grow from setbacks.

As they prepare for Game 6, the Rangers will use the break to reset and refocus. Laviolette emphasizes the importance of utilizing this time to address areas for improvement and sharpen their game.

With a history of overcoming challenges, the team is poised to regroup and come back stronger. Despite the tough loss, there’s a sense of determination within the group to turn things around and reclaim control of the series.