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Nicole Mitchell Minnesota Lawmaker Arrested in Home Incident



Nicole Mitchell currently Minnesota Senator, former Weather broadcaster and Lieutenant in Air Force.

A Minnesota State Senator Nicole Mitchell, who is a Democrat and previously served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve, has been arrested for suspected burglary.

The senator, who used to work as a meteorologist in the Twin Cities area, is facing charges of first-degree burglary. Prosecutors allege that she unlawfully entered her stepmother’s home following the recent death of her father.

The incident occurred as heightened tensions within the family followed the loss of their loved one. It was showing that the senator’s actions are connect to a dispute over the belongings of her deceased father, including sentimental items such as his ashes.

Authorities are investigating the matter further as it unfolds.


In the Monday morning, police was summoned to a residence on Granger Road in Detroit Lakes. The caller reported a trespasser, leading to the arrest of 49-year-old Nicole Mitchell from Woodbury, Minnesota.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Becker County on Tuesday, Nicole Mitchell faces allegations of breaking into the home. The incident occurred around 4:45 a.m., with officers responding to a 911 call from Mitchell’s stepmother, who reported an intruder in her house. Upon arrival, officers heard sounds emanating from the basement and discovered Mitchell clad in all black attire, including a black cap.

Officers swiftly instructed the defendant to lie on the ground and took her into custody.

According to police, Mitchell uttered something along the lines of.


“I was just trying to get a couple of my dad’s things because (her stepmother) wouldn’t talk to me anymore.”

During the arrest, one of the officers discovered a flashlight near the suspect, covered with a black sock. Upon examination, it seems that the flashlight has been alter to regulate the brightness of the light it emitted.

A thorough search of the basement revealed more findings. Among them, a backpack wedged in a small sliding window. Inside the backpack, authorities discovered two laptops, a cell phone, Mitchell’s driver’s license, her state senate ID, and various pieces of Tupperware.

Mitchell asserted ownership of all the items, claiming they belonged to her. She reportedly confessed to police that she had recently entered the house and admitted, clearly I’m not good at this.

Nicole Lynn Mitchell is a former broadcast meteorologist.
Nicole Lynn Mitchell is a former broadcast meteorologist.

According to court documents, Mitchell escorted outside to a waiting squad car. After being informed of her rights as per the Miranda warning. She allegedly confessed to the officer, stating, “I know I did something bad.”

Further, police reported that Mitchell provided an explanation for her actions. She revealed that her father had recently passed away, and her stepmother had ceased all communication not only with her but also with other family members. This situation seemingly contributed to Mitchell’s decision to enter the house.

According to police reports, the defendant purportedly expressed her desire to obtain various belongings of her deceased father, which her stepmother declined to provide. Mitchell admitted to authorities that she departed her residence in Woodbury around 1 a.m. with the specific purpose of driving to the home in Detroit Lakes.

Her intention was to retrieve sentimental items such as pictures, a flannel shirt, and her father’s ashes, among other things. These possessions held significant sentimental value to Mitchell, prompting her to undertake the journey in the early hours of the morning.

Mitchell maintained that both laptops belonged to her. However, police discovered that when one of the laptops powered on, the stepmother’s name appeared. When questioned about this discrepancy, the defendant asserted that her stepmother had given her the laptop way back when. Yet, the alleged victim refuted this claim, stating that she had never given Mitchell a laptop.


On Tuesday morning, Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) issued a statement calling for Mitchell’s resignation. He described her alleged behavior as disturbing in the written statement.

In his statement, Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) acknowledged the challenges faced by Mitchell’s family but expressed deep concern over her actions. Johnson described the details outlined in the complaint released by the Becker County Attorney as disturbing.

The complaint depicted a scenario where significant planning undertaken to burglarize a relative’s home, which Johnson found unacceptable. He emphasized that such behavior is not fitting for a member of the Legislature and urged Mitchell to resign from the Senate without delay.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, Democratic Majority Leader Erin Murphy addressed the allegations against Mitchell. Murphy expressed her dismay, stating that Mitchell’s alleged actions were “upsetting” and “far outside” of the senator’s character.


In her statement released on Tuesday morning, Democratic Majority Leader Erin Murphy expressed her distress. Regarding the allegations against Senator Mitchell.

Murphy conveyed that the allegations were upsetting not only for herself. But also for anyone who had the opportunity to know and collaborate with Mitchell. She emphasized that the behavior described in the allegations was vastly different from the character. Mitchell had demonstrated throughout her tenure in the Senate and her distinguished military career.

Murphy stressed the importance of due process, affirming that Senator Mitchell has the right to a thorough defense of her case in court. She acknowledged that in the upcoming days and weeks. Senator Mitchell would need to engage in serious and challenging discussions with her colleagues, constituents, and family members regarding the situation.

Later on Tuesday, Mitchell scheduled to make her initial appearance in Becker County District Court.


Throughout her tenure in the Senate, Mitchell has been actively involve in shaping policies on various important issues. She has dedicated her efforts to initiatives concerning veterans, child protection, and climate change.

One of her notable contributions was the introduction of a bill aim at imposing criminal penalties. It is imposing on individuals who do not adhere to safe firearm storage standards. Additionally, Mitchell collaborate on a bill advocating for incarcerate individuals in the state to be transferrer from prisons to their last known address. These legislative endeavors underscore her commitment to addressing pressing issues within the community.

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