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May Primary Election, Kentucky Voters Take Center Stage Tuesday



May Primary Election in Kentucky

Kentucky Voters Prepare for May Primary Election.

This Tuesday voters in Kentucky are gearing up to head to the polls for the May Primary Election. While all eyes are on the presidential races Louisville residents are especially interested in several local contests:

  1. Metro Council Races: Louisville residents will cast their votes for candidates running for positions on the Metro Council which plays a crucial role in local governance and decision making.
  2. U.S. Congressional District Races: Residents will have the opportunity to choose their representatives for the U.S. Congress shaping the state’s voice on the national stage.
  3. Kentucky Legislative Races: Various seats in the Kentucky Legislature are up for grabs allowing voters to select their representatives who will address state level issues and enact laws affecting Kentucky communities.

These races are not only important for Louisville but also for the entire state of Kentucky. Every vote counts, so make sure to participate in shaping the future of your community and state by casting your ballot on Tuesday.

In the upcoming U.S. Congress race for House District 2, there’s a showdown brewing between Democrats Hank Linderman and William Compton. So, both are vying for the chance to represent their party in the November elections. The stakes are high as the eventual victor will square off against incumbent Congressman Brett Guthrie.

Over in the 3rd District, Democratic congressman Morgan McGarvey is seeking re-election. However, he’s not without challengers. Geoffrey Young and Jared Randell are both in the race, looking to secure the Democratic nomination. The competition is fierce as they aim to be the face of the party in the general election.

Primary Election
Primary Election

The Republican side of the 3rd District race is heating up as well. So, Dennis Ormerod and Mike Craven are battling it out for their party’s nomination. The outcome will determine who will go head-to-head with the Democratic nominee in November.

With so much at stake in both districts, voters are closely watching as candidates make their cases and campaign for their respective spots on the ballot. The results of these races will shape the political landscape and could have far reaching implications for the constituents they aim to serve.

In the upcoming U.S. House race for District 4, Republican incumbent Rep. Thomas Massie is gearing up for a tough battle. While, he’s facing competition from Michael McGinnis and Eric Deters, both vying for the chance to unseat him. Massie is defending his record and campaigning to retain his position representing the district.

Meanwhile, in the 5th District, U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers is a seasoned incumbent seeking his remarkable 22nd term in office. He’s aiming to continue representing eastern Kentucky but is encountering challenges from within his own party. Rogers is up against Dana Edwards, Brandon Monhollen, and David Kraftchak, all eager to bring fresh perspectives to the district.

As the campaigns ramp up, voters in both districts are weighing their options and considering the candidates’ platforms and promises. The outcome of these races will not only determine who represents the districts but also reflect the desires and priorities of the constituents they aim to serve. With multiple candidates vying for attention, the competition is fierce, and every vote will count in shaping the future of these congressional districts.


In central Kentucky, the race for the U.S. House District 6 is taking shape. Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Andy Barr is running unopposed in the primary, securing his spot on the November ballot without any competition from within his party.

On the Democratic side, the primary is much more crowded. Five candidates are vying for the nomination, each hoping to challenge Barr in the general election. So, the Democratic contenders include Randy Cravens, Jonathan Richardson, Todd Kelly, Don Pratt, and Shauna Rudd. Each candidate brings unique ideas and backgrounds, aiming to convince voters they are the best choice to represent the district.

As the primary approaches, Democratic voters in District 6 have a variety of options to consider. The candidates are actively campaigning, sharing their visions and policies in hopes of securing the nomination. The winner of this Democratic primary will face Andy Barr in what promises to be a closely watched race in November.

With so many candidates in the running, the Democratic primary is an important moment for voters to decide who they believe can best represent their interests and take on the incumbent in the general election.


In Kentucky May Primary Election, the race for various Senate and House seats is underway as candidates gear up for the November general election. Voters across the state are paying close attention to these important contests.

In Louisville, the political scene is particularly busy with several primaries for Metro Council seats. District 4 has attracted significant attention, with 11 Democrats competing for the nomination. This crowded field highlights the high level of interest and engagement among candidates looking to represent their community.

Other Democratic primaries are taking place in Districts 2, 6, 8, 14, and 24. Each district features a unique set of candidates, all striving to secure their party’s nomination and advance to the general election. These races are crucial as they will determine who will represent these districts on the Metro Council.

On the Republican side, primaries are also happening in multiple districts. Candidates are contesting for nominations in Districts 12, 14, 18, 20, and 22. These contests are equally important, as the winners will move forward to compete in the general election against their Democratic counterparts or other challengers.


The outcomes of these primaries will shape the future of Louisville’s Metro Council and the broader political landscape in Kentucky. Voters have a critical role in deciding which candidates best represent their values and priorities, setting the stage for the November elections.

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