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Long Distance NBA Shots From Level 1 to 100



Long Distance NBA Shots From Level 1 to 100

From a record breaking shot to a half court buzzer-beater, these are long-distance NBA shots from level one to level 100. For level one LeBron silences both the arena and his critics with a jaw-dropping play.

The lead is three and LeBron banks it in stunning everyone. As one commentator put it “LeBron’s out here painting the Mona Lisa while everyone else is just using coloring books.” But Paul George also has a flair for the dramatic at level five hitting an improbable shot after securing a loose ball. Prime PG was a different breed.

Yet, Steph Curry’s antics are on a whole other level making impossible NBA shots look routine. Later in the blog we see a no-look half court shot, a one-handed full-court shot and so much more.

At level 20 a player hits a 360 no-scope leaving everyone in disbelief. Steph Curry effortlessly completes level 25 with a buzzer-beater from long distance. At level 30, Isaiah Ryder delivers a play of the decade showcasing both skill and a bit of luck.


Paul George ever the showman hits an incredible shot at level 35 reminding us all why he’s a star. Kyle Lowry’s chaotic yet brilliant play at level 40 further emphasizes the unpredictability and excitement of these long-distance shots.

In 2016, Steph Curry had a game for the ages breaking records and hitting game-winners leaving fans in awe. Karl-Anthony Towns’ miraculous shot at level 45 and Damian Lillard’s iconic 37-foot dagger at level 50 both underline the sheer skill and audacity required for such feats.

Luka Dončić’s halfcourt heroics and J.R. Smith’s buzzer-beater at level 55 showcase the thrilling unpredictability of basketball.

As we approach level 70, the shots get even more spectacular, starting with Brandon Ingram’s unbelievable hook shot. Kyle Lowry, Devin Harris, and Marvin Williams all contribute to the growing list of unforgettable moments.


At level 75, Steph Curry dazzles once more, hitting a halfcourt shot with ease. Luka Dončić and Austin Reaves follow suit with their own incredible buzzer-beaters, solidifying their places among the elite.

Jamal Murray, Steph Curry again and Dwyane Wade keep the momentum going with astonishing plays. Anthony Davis’ one-handed heave and Jeremy Lamb’s desperation three at level 85 highlight the remarkable precision and clutch performances these players deliver. Tyreke Evans and Devonte’ Graham’s buzzer-beaters further intensify the excitement.

Finally, as we near the pinnacle, we see shots from legends like LeBron James and Andre Drummond with each shot defying logic and showcasing the extraordinary talents of these athletes.

The second longest shot in NBA history by Ziaire Williams and the longest shot by Baron Davis, remind us of the sheer distance and skill involved. Baron Davis’ 89-foot shot in 2001 remains unmatched, illustrating the ultimate in long-distance basketball shooting.

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