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Leverkusen Shocks Bundesliga: First-Time Champs!



vitaliivitleo,, Jeremie Frimpong, Granit Xhaka, Florian Wirtz, and Amine Adli.

Bayer Leverkusen won their first ever Bundesliga title by beating Werder Bremen 5-0 on Sunday. They clinched the championship with five games left to play.

Bayer Leverkusen won the Bundesliga title by defeating Werder Bremen 5-0. This victory also marked their 29th consecutive unbeaten match in the league, setting a new record. Overall, they’ve gone 43 games without a loss in all competitions. Alonso’s team has remained undefeated throughout the season, surpassing Bayern Munich’s previous record of 32 games unbeaten across all competitions set in February.

Fans rushed onto the field when Leverkusen scored their fourth goal, with just seven minutes left. The last part of the game was crazy, with thick red smoke from fans’ fireworks filling the air. Even the players on Leverkusen’s bench joined in, clapping, dancing, and hugging each other.

Jubilant Leverkusen fans celebrate on the pitch after the final whistle.
Jubilant Leverkusen fans celebrate on the pitch after the final whistle.

Then, when the fifth goal came in the 90th minute, even more fans ran onto the field hundreds of them this time. The referee had to stop the game because of all the excitement. There was so much confusion and happiness all around.

After the game ended, thousands of fans flooded the field. They were waving flags, setting off flares, and even holding up cardboard copies of the Bundesliga trophy. It was a wild celebration!


Leverkusen got ahead in the 25th minute thanks to Victor Boniface’s penalty kick. Then, Granit Xhaka scored a fantastic long shot in the second half, making the fans at BayArena really happy.

Florian Wirtz sealed the deal with a brilliant goal in the 68th minute, leaving the Werder Bremen goalie with little chance. Wirtz scored again just before the game ended, which got some fans so excited they ran onto the field. Wirtz and other players had to motion the fans to leave the field, and the game continued amidst the smoke from fireworks.

There was more chaos when Wirtz completed his hat trick, with more fans coming onto the pitch. This led the referee to blow the final whistle, and everyone players, fans, and staff was ecstatic.

With this win, Bayern’s streak of 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles is over. Both Bayern and Stuttgart are now 16 points behind.


It’s been quite a journey for Leverkusen ever since Alonso stepped in as coach back in October 2022. When he took over, the team was doing pretty poorly, second from the bottom after eight rounds last season. But Alonso worked his magic, and they ended up finishing sixth.

And that momentum didn’t fizzle out. Nope, it carried right into this season. They made some smart signings like Boniface, Xhaka, Hofmann, and Grimaldo, who all quickly settled into the club’s vibe. These guys played key roles in helping Leverkusen snatch the title. It’s like they found the perfect chemistry, and it paid off big time.

Winning this trophy is a big deal for Leverkusen because it finally shuts down that annoying ‘Neverkusen’ nickname they’ve been stuck with. See, they’ve always been the bridesmaid, never the bride, finishing second in the league five times! That’s like being so close, yet so far, right? And get this, they haven’t won a trophy since way back in 1993.

So, this win isn’t just about lifting a trophy; it’s about shaking off that reputation of always coming up short. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re not ‘Neverkusen’ anymore we’re champions!” It’s a real game changer for them.


Alonso came onboard in October 2022 when Leverkusen was basically fighting for their Bundesliga lives. But boy, did he turn things around fast! Now, they’ve clinched their first ever Bundesliga title. That’s huge, especially considering they’ve been the bridesmaid five times before.

They’ve also got a ticket to the German Cup final already punched, and they’re sitting pretty with a 2-0 lead from the first leg of their Europa League quarter-final against West Ham. So yeah, they’re not just dreaming of one trophy they’ve got their sights set on a potential treble. Talk about a complete 180 from where they started.

Leverkusen showed they meant business right from the start of the season by beating Leipzig. That win was like a statement they were here to compete.

And boy, did they compete! They went on two crazy winning streaks one for eight games and another for ten! That’s not something you see every day.


But the real highlight came in February when they totally demolished Bayern 3-0 at BayArena. That win wasn’t just a victory; it was a statement to the whole league.

Now, let’s talk about their coach, Alonso. This guy is a legend. He’s locked in with Leverkusen until 2026, and he’s not going anywhere. Rumors were flying about him going back to his old clubs like Bayern Munich or Liverpool, but he shut them down real quick. Real Madrid and Chelsea are even keeping tabs on him.

And here’s the kicker: next season, Alonso will be coaching in the Champions League for the first time ever. Who knows what kind of magic he’ll work there.

Xabi Alonso has led an extraordinary turnaround to help Bayer Leverkusen win their first Bundesliga title.
Xabi Alonso has led an extraordinary turnaround to help Bayer Leverkusen win their first Bundesliga title.

Leverkusen’s season has been nothing short of remarkable, particularly in how they’ve elevated the performances of players who were previously seen as average. Take Victor Boniface, for example. The Nigerian forward has been leading the charge upfront, surprising everyone with his skill and determination.

In midfield, the young talents Florian Wirtz and Granit Xhaka have been absolute game-changers. They’ve been orchestrating plays, setting up goals, and dominating the midfield like seasoned pros. It’s incredible to see such talent and maturity from players so young.


And let’s not forget Álex Grimaldo. This Spanish defender came in from Benfica last summer on a free transfer, and he’s been a revelation at left-back. His defensive prowess and attacking contributions have been crucial to Leverkusen’s success this season.

Adding to the defensive solidity is Jeremie Frimpong, a former Celtic defender who’s been making waves from the right side of the pitch. Not only has he been solid at the back, but he’s also been chipping in with crucial goals, proving his worth beyond just defending.

Overall, Leverkusen’s ability to extract top-notch performances from previously overlooked players has been a key factor in their success this season. It’s a testament to the coaching staff’s vision and the players’ determination to prove themselves on the big stage.

Alonso’s magic touch extends beyond just a few standout players it’s woven throughout the entire squad. Many of these players were once overlooked or even deemed surplus to requirements, both in Leverkusen and elsewhere. Yet now, they stand as unlikely heroes, clinching the Bundesliga title under Alonso’s guidance.


Among these unsung heroes are Florian Wirtz, Victor Boniface, and Jonathan Tah. Their stellar performances have undoubtedly caught the eye of bigger clubs, sparking rumors of potential transfers this summer. However, with Alonso firmly rooted at the BayArena for at least another season, there’s no urgency to dismantle the squad.

The success achieved under Alonso’s leadership has created a sense of unity and belief within the team. Players who may have previously felt undervalued now have a chance to shine on the grandest stage. With Alonso’s continued presence and the bond forged within the squad, there’s a collective determination to stay together and build on their achievements.

While replicating the dream campaign of this season might seem like a tall order, it’s not entirely out of reach. Alonso has already defied expectations and steered Leverkusen to unprecedented success. With his tactical acumen and the resilience of his players, who’s to say what they can achieve next? The future looks bright for Leverkusen under Alonso’s stewardship.

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