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Kyrie Irving Reflects on Tough NBA Finals Loss to Celtics



Kyrie Irving's thoughts on a tough NBA Finals loss to the Celtics.

Celtics fans had a lot of celebrate on Monday night. Not only did their team win the NBA title but they also enjoyed seeing Kyrie Irving and the Mavericks lose in the Finals.

Irving who disliked by many in Boston and his team defeated in all three games they played at the TD garden during the championship series.

It’s been five years since Kyrie Irving left the Celtics through free agency but fans are still very upset with the talented unpredictable player. During the series Irving didn’t improve his reputation with Boston fans.

Besides not playing very well, he made some negative comments. After Game 1, he said he wasn’t impressed with the Boston crowd. Before Game 5, he referred to the Celtics fans as a “cult.”


Boston Bench Visit:

Celtics fans had the last laugh as their team won its 18th title by defeat Kyrie Irving and the Mavericks. In the Celtics’ 108-66 win on Monday night Irving surprised many by stop at the Boston bench to congratulate the team on their upcoming victory. This gesture caught head coach Joe Mazzulla and others off guard but many Celtics players still have a good relationship with their former teammate.

After the loss, Kyrie Irving explained that visiting the Boston bench was his way of showing respect for the Celtics and their journey to winning the NBA title. He acknowledged that they became an almost perfect team during their playoff run.

“It was emotional. Every series was emotional because we didn’t know how things would turn out or how we would handle adversity. We finally faced a team that beat us fair and square. We couldn’t respond to their runs or execute at a high level. Shaking hands with everyone was my way of respecting their journey,” Irving said.

They have experienced a tough five years, often going to Game 7s or losing in the Finals. They know how bitter it feels to be here, answering questions about the future. I think they used all those experiences as motivation.


Irving Praises Brown and Tatum:

“It’s admirable,” Irving said about Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. “Did Jaylen Brown win Finals MVP? Yeah, it was amazing to see him with that trophy. I think he and Tatum should have shared it. Those two have been like students and are now becoming teachers in their own right. Seeing them achieve this makes me really proud and also very motivated to get back to this position with my team in the next few years and win the championship.”

The Celtics’ defense made things very tough for Irving during the NBA Finals. He averaged just 19.8 points per game, and most of that came from a big 35-point game in Game 3 when the series moved to Dallas.

However, the Mavs were down 0-2 by then because Irving had only scored 28 points in the first two games combined. In Game 5, he struggled with just 15 points on 5-for-16 shooting. Throughout the series Irving shot a disappoint 27.6 percent from three point range.

This was Irving’s first full season with the Mavericks and he hopes they can grow into a team similar to the one that beat them in the finals.


They Unified as a Team:

They were healthy and focused, not distracted by personal or individual achievements,” Irving explained. So, they simply came together as a team, each person excelling in their role and selflessly giving their best effort.”

“We’ve learned a lot from this series, especially about what it takes to return to this stage and succeed,” he continued. “The Celtics showed us a perfect example this season. Despite facing challenges in recent years, they’ve persevered and shown how to win at this level.”

Irving leaving could have caused chaos for the Celtics, but instead, the team concentrated on building up Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They also added other players who fit well with their young stars. It paid off on Monday night when the Celtics won the championship. Irving praised his former teammates for how much they grown and for stay focused on their goal of winning despite all the distractions from outside.

Kyrie Irving’s Outlook on the Future:

“After Game 5, I mean, basketball comes down to small margins, sometimes just inches. So when you shoot the ball, sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s part of growing up,” he explained. “You have to focus on what’s next. I’ve been emphasizing that. Whether I’m scoring well or not, there’s a team aspect we’re getting better at understanding and working together.”


“I can score 25 points, but if I don’t, we need to support each other,” he explained. “We’re learning that there will be games where shooting isn’t going well, especially for me or someone else. That’s when we have to come together as a team. Other players need to step up, make plays, and create opportunities for each other.”

“I’ve been the main focus in a lot of my drives against the Celtics, either one-on-one or coming off screens,” he said. “So this summer, I’ll keep working on what I’ve learned this year—how to handle physical play and make adjustments. By next year, I’ll be in a better position.”

“I’m very confident about Dallas, and I believe we’ll be competing for championships again next season,” he said optimistically.

“I see a chance for us to build a strong future where contending for titles becomes routine,” he continued. “From a personal standpoint, this season has been special. I’ve enjoyed the journey, especially the redemption aspect. I learned a lot about myself, my teammates and everyone in the organization. There are great people here and that makes to work enjoyable.”


Boston fans haven’t forgotten Irving’s controversial departure and his behavior while playing for the Brooklyn Nets at TD Garden. However, his exit from the team gave Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown the opportunity to develop into the champions they are today. In hindsight, Irving leaving turned out to be a positive outcome for the Celtics.

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