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Kyle Filipowski Shocks NBA Draft: Falls Out of First Round



Kyle Filipowski did not selecy in NBA Draft for first round.

Duke center Kyle Filipowski was perhaps the most surprising omission from the first round of the 2024 NBA draft, and Jayson Tatum believes teams will regret overlooking him.

Kyle Filipowski excelled for two seasons at Duke, achieving All-ACC and All-American honors in his sophomore year. Despite standing at 6’11” with strong passing and three-point shooting skills.

Tatum includes his own team among those who will regret passing on Kyle Filipowski. The Celtics picked Creighton guard Baylor Scheierman last in the first round. Boston’s next pick, No. 54, makes them unlikely teammates next season.

Despite Kyle Filipowski’s below-average athleticism, which could justify his drop in most drafts, his fall is perplexing in a class considered one of the weakest of the 21st century.


Kyle Filipowski’s Versatility:

Even if Kyle Filipowski doesn’t start, his floor-stretching ability and basketball IQ make him valuable. He can fit into most NBA teams as a key bench player, a positive in this draft

It would come as a surprise if Filipowski remains available for long into Round 2. The Toronto Raptors possess the No. 31 overall pick and might select Filipowski or engage in trade discussions with a team looking to move up.

NBA teams rate Filipowski lower than fans and some players, but his offense should prevent a major drop. Wasserman projects No. 34 to Portland, top player available.

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