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Knicks’ OG Anunoby Out with Hamstring Injury vs. Pacers



Knicks forward OG Anunoby grabs his leg after he injures his hamstring driving to the basket during the third quarter.

On Wednesday night, Jalen Brunson got back on the court for the Knicks after getting hurt. But OG Anunoby, who’s really crucial for the team, couldn’t play.

OG Anunoby was having his best game of the playoffs, scoring 28 points and hitting four 3-pointers. But with 3:27 left in the third quarter of the Knicks’ 130-121 win against the Pacers in Game 2. He left the court limping. The team said it was because of a sore left hamstring. Just before that, he seemed to grab the back of his leg after missing a shot.

After the game, Tom Thibodeau said, ‘I’m not sure about his status. I haven’t talked to medical yet.’ He praised OG Anunoby’s performance, saying, ‘I thought he was super aggressive. He played really, really well, I thought, at the end of Game 1 with his defensive activity.’

“He picked up right where he left off, and I thought that was a big deal for us. It helped us get off to a good start.”


Anunoby’s impact was significant as he sank a pivotal 3-pointer and converted a layup before exiting the game. These crucial plays fueled the Knicks’ commanding 36-18 run in the third quarter. Which propelling them to a 99-91 lead heading into the final period.

Thibodeau emphasized the importance of Anunoby’s performance, stating, ‘It was huge. The variety in his scoring was impressive. He showcased versatility by running the floor, knocking down 3-pointers, excelling in transition. By attacking the rim with authority, and making decisive moves. All of these aspects contributed positively to our game.’

At 26 years old, Anunoby, who named to the All-Defensive team last season while playing for the Raptors. has been a valuable asset to the Knicks in the postseason. In the team’s first eight playoff games, he has made notable contributions with nine blocked shots and eight steals.

Anunoby’s defensive prowess has been a key factor in the Knicks’ success, showcasing his ability to disrupt opposing offenses and make crucial defensive plays. His versatility and defensive instincts have made him a vital component of the team’s playoff campaign, adding depth and reliability to their defensive efforts.


Since arriving in late December, alongside Precious Achiuwa, Anunoby has been a pivotal factor in the Knicks’ success. Including postseason games, the team has boasted an impressive record of 26 wins and only 5 losses in games where Anunoby has been on the court. This trade, which saw former first round picks RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley departing, has proven to be beneficial for the Knicks.

Anunoby’s impact extends beyond statistics, as his presence on the court brings stability and versatility to the team’s lineup. His defensive skills, coupled with his offensive contributions, have played a significant role in the team’s victories.

With OG Anunoby in the lineup, the Knicks have consistently performed at a high level, showcasing their ability to compete against top opponents.

In a recent game, the New York Knicks faced some tough challenges on the court. Mitchell Robinson, one of their key players, sidelined for the rest of the season due to yet another injury to his left ankle. This was a blow to the team, as Robinson’s presence in the game is always valuable. Additionally, another player, Anunoby, was unable to play in the crucial fourth quarter.


During a post-game interview, Precious Achiuwa asked about the situation with Anunoby, who couldn’t play in the fourth quarter due to undisclosed reasons. Achiuwa responded by saying he wasn’t privy to the details of Anunoby’s situation, as it was between Anunoby, the medical staff, and the team.

He emphasized the team’s mentality of always prepared for any situation. Achiuwa highlighted the “next-man up” approach. It’s meaning that when one player is unable to play, someone else steps in to fill the gap. This mindset is crucial in basketball and reflects the team’s resilience and adaptability.

Achiuwa expressed confidence in his teammates, describing them as winners who are ready to contribute in any way possible. This attitude of unity and support within the team reinforces the idea that every player is valued and has a role to play, regardless of the circumstances.

Overall, Achiuwa’s comments reflect the teamwork and camaraderie that define the Knicks’ ethos. Which showing that they are prepared to face challenges head-on and overcome them together.