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Kelly Clarkson Clears the Air Starting Ozempic Due to Troubling Bloodwork



Kelly Clarkson's weight loss journey, before and after weight loss.

Kelly Clarkson, the 42-year-old singer of hits like “Stronger,” shared some insights on her recent weight loss. During a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg on Monday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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Amid speculation, she clarified that her slimming down wasn’t the result of using Ozempic. A medication often associated with weight loss. Instead, Clarkson attributed her transformation to other factors. The interview began with Clarkson praising Goldberg for her appearance, setting a positive tone for their discussion.

Whoopi Goldberg, the host of “The View,” chimed in during the conversation with Kelly Clarkson. Which revealing her own experience with weight loss. She mentioned shedding a significant amount of weight, equating it to losing “almost two people.”


Goldberg disclosed that she’s been using a medication called Mounjaro. Which has been effective in assisting individuals seeking weight management support. She expressed satisfaction with the results, describing the shot as “wonderful” for those in need of assistance with weight control.

Kelly Clarkson joined the conversation, sharing her own journey of weight loss. She acknowledged shedding “a lot” of weight, clarifying that contrary to assumptions, she didn’t use Ozempic.

Clarkson revealed that she had to resort to a different medication due to alarming results in her bloodwork. Despite the common misconception, she emphasized that Ozempic wasn’t the solution for her.

Kelly Clarkson.
Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson didn’t specifically mention the drug Ozempic, but she alluded to its function during the discussion. Ozempic is primarily used to treat diabetes but has gained popularity for its off label use in weight loss, with many celebrities attributing their weight loss success to it.

Clarkson described the medication she used as something that assists in breaking down sugar. Which indicating that her body struggles with this process. While not explicitly naming Ozempic, her description aligns with its mechanism of action.


Kelly Clarkson shared her apprehension about starting the medication. By recounting how her doctor had been urging her to try it for about two years.

Despite the persistent recommendation, Clarkson initially resisted due to her fear, particularly because she already had thyroid issues. Eventually, she relented and decided to give it a try.

Clarkson also opened up about her weight journey, disclosing that at her heaviest, she weighed 203 pounds. She expressed feeling unrecognizable to herself at that weight, highlighting the significant impact it had on her self-perception.

Kelly Clarkson recounted a pivotal moment in her weight loss journey, revealing that she taped a show for her birthday. However, upon watching it back at her home in New York, she was shocked by her appearance.


Clarkson described pausing the footage and having a jarring realization, exclaiming. The sight of herself on screen prompted a stark assessment of her health. By with Clarkson candidly acknowledging that she looked like someone on the verge of a heart attack. This moment served as a wake up call, motivating her to take action towards improving her health and well being.

Kelly Clarkson delved into the psychological aspect of her weight loss journey. By reflecting on how she never perceived herself as overweight despite external observations. She clarified that she was genuinely content and happy with herself during that time. Clarkson emphasized that her weight wasn’t a source of insecurity for her.

She recounted a conversation with her manager, who has known her for over 15 years. Where they both expressed surprise at her transformation.

This realization was significant to Clarkson because it highlighted how gradual changes can go unnoticed when you’re constantly surrounded by familiar faces. She attributed this gradual transformation to the support and presence of her close-knit team, who were with her every step of the way.


Kelly Clarkson has been transparent about her health journey, disclosing in January that she received a pre-diabetes diagnosis. The “American Idol” alum shared with People Magazine that she tackled her health concerns by adopting a two pronged approach paying closer attention to her dietary choices and increasing her level of physical activity.

Clarkson’s commitment to healthier habits led to weight loss and played a pivotal role in managing her pre-diabetic condition.

Kelly Clarkson elaborated on her dietary choices, highlighting a balanced approach to eating that contributed to her weight loss journey. She emphasized the importance of following her doctor’s advice, indicating a shift from previous years where she may not have been as attentive to her health needs.

Clarkson revealed that her diet predominantly consists of a healthy mix of foods, with a focus on incorporating protein rich meals. Being from Texas, she humorously apologized to vegetarians, expressing her fondness for meat.


Additionally, Clarkson shared insights into her fitness routine, mentioning that walking in the city served as a significant form of exercise for her. She acknowledged the physical demands of navigating urban environments, implying that it contributed to burning calories and staying active.

This combination of mindful eating and regular physical activity reflects Clarkson’s proactive approach to maintaining her health and well being.

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