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K-Pop Singer Park Bo ram dead at 30, Investigation Ongoing



Park Bo ram died at age of 30 at her friend's house.

Hey, so sad news, Park Bo ram, a South Korean singer, unexpectedly passed away at just 30, according to her agency Xanadu Entertainment. She was doing her thing in the K-pop scene. Such a shocker.

Park was chilling with a couple of pals at a friend’s house on Thursday night, having some drinks. According to a report from AllKPop, she headed to the bathroom around 10 p.m. or so, but when her friends checked on her, they found her passed out over the sink. They called the cops right away and tried CPR.

They tried their hardest to bring Park back, but it didn’t work out so they rushed her to Hanyang University Guri Hospital, but she was pronounced dead around 11:17 p.m.

According to her Xanadu Entertainment agency.


“Hey guys, we’ve got some really sad news to share. Park Bo Ram passed away out of the blue late on April 11th. Everyone here at Xanadu Entertainment is heartbroken. It’s especially tough having to break this sudden news to all of Park Bo Ram’s fans who’ve been supporting her. We’ll be holding the funeral after talking to her family. Our thoughts are with her, hoping she finds peace.”

Park’s agency wants everyone to hold off on guessing what happened to her because the police are looking into it. They’re planning to do an autopsy on Saturday to find out more. So, let’s all just wait for the facts.

Park Bo ram affair & career:

Park Bo ram and Seo In-Guk dating each others.
Seo In-Guk and Park Bo ram.

On December 5, 2017, Park Bo ram confirmed to be dating with singer and actor Seo In-guk. They had been dating since 2015. On May 23, 2018, reports said the two singers recently broke up and their agencies confirmed. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Ram broke up about a month ago. Reportedly, the two naturally grew apart before deciding to go their separate ways.

When Park was just 16, she got her big break on a singing competition called Superstar K2 back in 2010. She made it to the top eight! After that, she kicked off her solo singing career in 2014 with a banger called “Beautiful.” She kept on dropping hits like “Celepretty,” “Sorry,” “Pretty Bae,” and even did some songs for the super popular Korean drama Reply 1988.

Park also teamed up with a bunch of other Korean artists like Eric Nam, Park Kyung, Parc Jae-jung, Lil Boi, and Huh Gak. They made some cool music together.


Reports say Bo ram was gearing up for a big celebration she was getting ready to drop a full length album to mark the 10 years since she started out. She even released a fresh single called “I Miss You” on April 3rd.

Bo ram was hustling hard on an album to line up with her big 10-year milestone in the music biz. This summer was going to be her time to shine, celebrating a whole decade of making tunes. She was putting her heart and soul into it, ready to drop some serious beats for her fans to vibe with. But now, things have taken a tragic turn.