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Justin Timberlake played golf between his NYC and Boston concerts in the Hamptons



Justin Timberlake with his mates in golf club.

Justin Timberlake took a break from his busy tour time table to enjoy a leisurely round of golf in decrease Manhattan on Thursday June twenty seventh. Which recognized for hits like Mirrors. The forty three 12 months antique singer opted for a comfortable attire.

Sporting a antique Grateful Dead t shirt paired with blue basketball shorts a baseball hat and elegant shades. Accompanied by means of a pal. Timberlake also took advantage of the opportunity to unwind and take pleasure in his ardor for golfing amid his aggravating travelling commitments.

The forty three 12 months vintage singer known for famous songs along with. Mirrors sported a laid back look for his golf trip in lower Manhattan. So he wore a vintage Grateful Dead t-shirt paired with blue basketball shorts a baseball hat and shades.

While, accompanied with the resource of a friend Justin Timberlake took a spoil from his excursion on Thursday June 27th to experience a spherical of golfing.


Justin Timberlake is obsessed with golfing and actively participates in the sport. He showcased his skills in a celebrity game held. At the PGA Tour of 2023 World Wide Technology Championship in Mexico.

Additionally Timberlake is involved in the sports scene as a co-owner of a sports bar located in New York City. Which he owns alongside golf champion Tiger Woods.

Timberlake recently delivered electrifying back to back performances at Madison Square Garden. Captivating audiences with his dynamic stage presence and hit songs. Now he is preparing to continue his.

Forget Tomorrow World Tour with highly anticipated shows at Boston’s TD Garden on June 29th and 30th. While fans eagerly await his next performances as he continues to showcase his musical prowess across major cities.


Timberlake’s recent performances follow his arrest on June 18 in Long Island. Where Sag Harbor police charged him with DWI after an evening at the American Hotel with friends.

According to Timberlake’s arrest document received by people. An officer noticed his BMW failing to forestall at a signal and driving on the wrong aspect of the road during a ordinary patrol.

The officer initiated a traffic prevent after gazing Justin Timberlake’s BMW. Failing to stop at a signal and driving on the incorrect facet of the road all through habitual patrol. Upon drawing near Timberlake’s automobile the officer mentioned that his eyes have been bloodshot and glassy. While there was a strong scent of alcohol emanating from his breath.

Timberlake appeared visibly disoriented speaking slowly and exhibiting. Difficulty maintaining his balance during the standardized field sobriety tests administered on the spot. Unfortunately Timberlake performed poorly on all tests reinforcing concerns about his impairment.


This incident regarding Justin Timberlake has sparked sizeable difficulty among his fanbase and the public alike. It has prompted a closer examination of his well being. While raised significant questions about the potential legal consequences of driving under the influence.

Many are closely following developments concerned about Timberlake’s health and safety. As well as the impact of such incidents on his career and personal life.

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