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Join the Movement ‘Buy DJT’ The New Call for Trump Supporters



Trump campaign through The Truth

When they heard that former President Trump officially found guilty, lots of people who own shares in his social media company thought the same thing DJT: Now’s the time to invest.

It’s not clear how many people will really go ahead and invest. But this choice could really affect how well Trump Media & Technology Group does. They’re the ones who made Truth Social. And it’s a big deal for Donald Trump too. He owns most of the company.

Especially now, with other legal problems and a busy presidential campaign, how well this company does could make a big difference to him financially.

At first, the shares in Trump Media went down on Thursday when a New York jury said Trump was guilty of 34 counts of messing with business records.


Then on Friday, they bounced back and went up by nearly 15% when trading started. But soon after, they lost all those gains and were down by 6% by early afternoon.

Trading in Trump Media has been really up and down since it started trading in late March with the symbol DJT. But surprisingly, the shares have done better than lots of experts thought they would. And it’s mostly because hundreds of thousands of regular folks have bought the stock.

Lots of these investors thought to be really loyal Trump fans. After the verdict came out on Thursday, they’ve been cheering each other on to buy more shares and not sell them.

They’re doing this in a group on Truth Social, a platform for Trump Media shareholders. This group has over 11,000 members.

The DJT shares showing in the screen.
The DJT shares showing in the screen.

“On Thursday evening, @jzal posted in the group “$DJT” saying, ‘Since Trump owns most of DJT, the best way to support him is to buy the shares and make them worth more.’

They also added that for every $1 increase in price, Trump gets $114 million. They mentioned that while campaign donations are good, they don’t have the same big impact.”

Many Trump Media shareholders have still bought the stock even though the company hasn’t been doing well financially.

Between January and March, Trump Media lost more than $300 million and only made $770,000 in revenue. Plus, it has way fewer active users each month compared to big platforms like X or Facebook.

Still, their purchases have kept the value of Trump Media shares up and made the former president even richer. At the end of trading on Thursday, his ownership was worth almost $5.4 billion.


For shareholders, it’s important to understand that it will probably continue to be a rollercoaster. Trump’s trial, which about whether he messed with business records to impact the 2016 presidential election, has seen as a first test of how much Trump’s shareholders really believe in Trump Media.

Things might not improve; they could even get tougher. Trump still has sentencing ahead and three other criminal cases, both in state and federal courts. On top of that, there’s the unpredictable nature of the upcoming presidential race, which is expected to be intense.

All these factors are likely to have a direct effect on how Trump Media shares are traded.

A user on Truth Social, going by the name @1775InABadWay, summed up what many are saying in the $DJT shareholders group: “Hey team, now’s not the time to stay quiet… we should be buying today. Let’s all pitch in!”