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Jason Day’s Masters Style, Big Pants, Big Laughs!



JASON DAY'S old fashion gone viral.

Tiger Woods is kicking off his game at the 2024 Masters, scoring a ho-hum birdie on the first hole. But hold on tight, because it’s not Tiger hogging the limelight on social media. Nope, it’s his playing partner who’s stealing all the attention during their first round on the lan.

Tiger’s clothing sponsor just jumped into the conversation on Twitter, saying, “Seems like it’s that time again for folks to get all riled up about clothes.” Looks like they’re ready to stir up some more chatter about fashion choices at the Masters.

Day’s back at it, setting trends on day two at Augusta. He’s sporting a slick Malbon ‘Championship vest’ adorned with No.313 and the phrase ‘Malbon Golf Championship’. Talk about making a statement on the green.

Jason Day's fashion gone viral due to his old fashioned vest.
Jason Day’s fashion gone viral due to his old fashioned vest.

If you want to buy the same vest as Day’s, we tried looking for it, but no luck. The brand, which is really cool in the golf world, has lots of vests for sale, but it seems like Day’s version is a special one just for the Masters tournament.

We’re not exactly sure what the number 313 on Day’s vest stands for, but some folks think it might have something to do with the ‘Connect 313’ Fund. This fund is all about making sure everyone in Detroit has easy access to the internet and technology close to home. And get this: Malbon, the brand behind the vest, has been part of this campaign in the past.


Now, about Day becoming Malbon Golf’s first PGA Tour ambassador in 2024 – that’s big news! He’s been repping Nike Golf for seven years, but now he’s all in with Malbon.

Let’s talk about Malbon Golf for a sec. Started by Stephen and Erica Malbon, who are huge fans of both culture and golf, back in 2017. This LA-based company is all about making a statement with their branding and keeping things fun and fresh. No wonder they’re gaining so much popularity.

I’m not really big on style, but lately, I’ve been getting into it a bit. Next week, Golf Digest is rolling out its first-ever Style Issue, and I’ve been part of putting it together. Talking to pro golfers who care about their fashion sense, I’ve noticed how much they focus on the little things. Sure, you don’t have to look good to play well, but maybe there’s a connection. In the first round, Jason Day hit the longest drives, averaging a whopping 328 yards. He even outdrove Christo Lamprecht, a 6’8″ amateur whose tailor clearly isn’t in the golf business.

For the pros, there’s often a difference between what they have to wear and what they’d pick out for themselves. But Jason Day’s Friday vest at this Masters? Well, that’s a whole other story. You gotta admit, Tiger Woods and Jason Day aren’t exactly matching this time around.


Think about it hoodies, joggers, flat brim caps, baggy pants – all these bold styles eventually end up in those fancy pro shops. Let’s give a round of applause for some individuality, while we still can.

Malbon has a clear mission they want to get today’s kids excited about playing golf, which they call “the greatest game on earth.” To spread their message, they team up with big names in golf like Nike and adidas on a regular basis. It’s all about inspiring the next generation to pick up those clubs and hit the course.

Jason Day's shoes also gone viral as his pant.

Besides his stylish Malbon gear, Day is also sporting Payntr Golf shoes. Here’s the kicker: he actually invested in the brand earlier this year, snagging himself a piece of the action. Before this, he rocked Nike shoes, so this is a bit of a switch-up. And get this, he’s donning a special pair for the Masters tournament this week. Talk about making moves on and off the course.

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