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How 2023-24 Boston Celtics Is The Best NBA Team



NBA best team Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics team had a smooth path through the eastern conference playoffs because some of their opponents key player injured and could not play at their best.

Absolutely dominate the league all season of 2023-24 Celtics cemented their place among the greatest teams in NBA history.

Here are some impressive statistics that highlights the Celtics team place in NBA history.

Celtics All Time Point Differential:

The Celtics finished with a combined record of 80 wins and 21 losses in both regular season and playoffs. This achievement placed them as the 13th best team in NBA history based on overall wins. Throughout these 101 games they scored an average of 10.7 points per game than their opponents which ranks them 5th in NBA history for this statistic.


The Celtics combined best point differential in NBA history across both regular season and playoffs.

SeasonTeamReg. sea.Rank (Reg. season)PlayoffsRank (Playoffs)Total
2016-17Golden State11.6413.5312.0
1971-72L.A. Lakers12.313.214810.9

This table displays the teams’ regular season and playoff point differentials. Which along with their ranks in each category and their total combined point differential.

The Celtics made history with 19 wins (17 in the regular season and 2 in the playoffs) by 25 points. Out of total 21 losses only 8 were by double digits.

Dominating Both Ends of the Court:

To achieve such excellence a team needs to excel both in score points and preventing opponents from score. The Celtics team accomplished rare feat in the 2023-24 season became only the 4th team in the past 28 years.


The 2023-24 Celtics joined a prestigious group of teams that excelled in both offensive and defensive efficiency during the regular season. They were preceded by the 2014-15 golden state warriors.

Interestingly while the two warrior teams won championship last season’s Celtics fell short in the Eastern conference finals. Nonetheless they returned this season and achieved another milestone. Which became the first team in the past 28 years to rank in the top four on both offense and defense in consecutive seasons.

Coach Joe Mazzulla known for his analytical approach. Which provides insights into his team’s expected points per shot at various stages of a game.

“After becoming the youngest coach in the last 55 years to win an NBA title. I think we live in an expected world,” Mazzulla said. “So we didn’t pay much attention to the actual numbers.”


Mazzulla emphasized the importance of improving in key areas after falling short last year.

“It was just paying attention more to the process of what we were doing,” he added. “And there were obviously some things that we had to improve upon from last year analytically to make up for some of the stuff that we lost. The guys bought into that.

“So to me, it was just more of the process of making sure that we are playing the right way. So, make sure, you know, we are attacking the game analytically in the right way. But also have the open mindedness and discipline to do some of the other stuff. I thought it was a good balance.”

NBA’s Most Potent Offense in History:

The Celtics did not lead the league, their 122.2 points per 100 possessions in the regular season set a new NBA record for offensive efficiency.


Shooting played a crucial role with the Celtics posting an effective field goal percentage of 57.82% second only a fraction to the Indiana Pacers record of 57.85%. Remarkably, the Celtics team had the lowest turnover rate in the league at 12.1 per 100 possessions, address a historical weakness.

However, the most efficient offense in NBA history does not automatically make it the best offense ever. Context is key, and across the league, this season marked the highest efficiency in scoring.

Even so, the Celtics’ offense ranked as the fourth best in the 28 seasons with detailed play by play dat. By measuring their scoring efficiency relative to the league average.

TeamSeasonOffRtgLg. avg.Diff.
Golden State2015-16113.5105.67.9

This table shows each team’s offensive rating (OffRtg), the league average offensive rating (Lg. avg.). The difference (Diff.) between them, highlighting their efficiency relative to the league in their respective seasons.


Celtics’ Game Changing Improvement:

Even if a team score margin is outstanding historically, it still need to win close games. The Celtics shown significant improvement in close games over the last two seasons compared to the previous two.


This season Celtics finished with a remarkable 27-12 record including a perfect 6-0 in the playoffs. They won 27 out of 39 games that were within five points in the last five minutes. By their opponents by 20.8 points per 100 clutch possessions. Which showcasing exceptional performance on both offense and defense.

They transformed a previous weakness into a formidable strength, securing their 18th championship banner. It’s solidifying their place among the greatest teams in NBA history.

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