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Hersh Goldberg-Polin: Hamas Released Video of Israeli Hostage Surviving Injuries



This undated photo provided by Rachel Goldberg shows her with her son Hersh Goldberg-Polin. In the corner, his video during hostage as a proof of live.

Hamas released a video on Wednesday showing Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an Israeli-American hostage. This is the first evidence that he survived after being severely injured during his capture on October 7.

Hersh Goldberg-Polin, then 23, was taken captive from the Nova music festival during Hamas’ assaults on Israel, which claimed over 1,200 lives and led to the abduction of more than 200 people.

In an undated video, Hersh Goldberg-Polin is seen with a portion of his left arm missing, severing several inches above the hand. This footage surfaces following his abduction from the Nova music festival during Hamas’ assaults on Israel. The attacks claimed the lives of over 1,200 people and led to the kidnapping of more than 200 individuals.

On October 7, a video captured the moment Hersh Goldberg-Polin taken hostage, showing his arm severely injured. According to a firsthand account from a young woman who was with him in a bunker during the Hamas attack. Goldberg-Polin assisted in throwing grenades out before his arm blown off from the elbow down.


In the most recent video, Goldberg-Polin seen sit in a chair, speaking directly to the camera. Despite his injured arm, he gestures occasionally while identifying himself. Further, providing his date of birth along with his parents’ names.

In the latest video, Goldberg-Polin mentions that he has been “here for almost 200 days.” It is indicating that the footage was likely recorded shortly before Tuesday. Which marked the 200th day of the ongoing conflict.

Goldberg-Polin appears in the video with short cropped hair. The footage is edited with various cuts, transitioning from wide shots to close ups of him speaking.

Goldberg-Polin, held captive in Gaza for six months. It is seen criticizing the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the video. This echoes sentiments expressed by other Israeli hostages in Hamas propaganda videos. Given the circumstances of his captivity, it’s highly likely that Goldberg-Polin is speaking under duress.

Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an Israeli hostage, pictured before he was abducted by Hamas on October 7.
Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an Israeli hostage, pictured before he abducted by Hamas on October 7.

In the video, Goldberg-Polin mentions Israeli government ministers enjoying holiday dinners with their families. Likely referring to the Jewish holiday of Passover. Which commenced on Monday night and is traditionally observe with a festive family meal.

Goldberg-Polin concludes his message by urging his family to remain resilient on his behalf, encouraging them to stay strong. He expresses his hope that his words have brought them some comfort during the holiday period.

The Biden administration received the video on Monday, two days prior to its public release by Hamas. Officials have been in contact with Goldberg-Polin’s family since then, as confirmed by a US official.

The FBI’s Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell is leading the examination of the video, aiming to extract any potential evidence and information relevant to Goldberg-Polin and his captivity, as stated by the official.

Goldberg-Polin stands out as one of the most prominent figures among the 129 hostages still held in Gaza. In Jerusalem, banners and murals advocating for his release read, “Bring Hersh Home.” His parents, Rachel and Jonathan, actively engage with top US officials in Washington, consistently advocating for the release of the hostages.


Out of the 129 hostages taken on October 7 and still held in Gaza, the Israeli government estimates that 33 have tragically lost their lives.

After the video’s release, the Goldberg-Polin family made a fervent plea for urgent action to secure. It is for the release of their son and the remaining hostages held in Gaza.

In light of seeing Hersh in the video today, we have filled with emotions. We are grateful to see him alive. But we’re also deeply worry about his health and safety. As well as that of all the other hostages and everyone enduring hardship in this area,” expressed Rachel Goldberg-Polin and Jon Polin in a video statement.

The Goldberg-Polin family has called upon the negotiating parties, which include Qatar, Egypt, the United States, Hamas, and Israel, to escalate their efforts and reach an agreement that would reunite families and alleviate their suffering.


They also conveyed a heartfelt message to their son, saying, “Hersh, we heard your voice today for the first time in 201 days. If you can hear us, know that we love you. Stay strong, survive.”

The hostage video released on Wednesday featuring Goldberg-Polin marked the initial confirmation of his survival since sustaining injuries on October 7. Previous footage from that day showed Hamas fighters escorting him away from the bomb shelter with part of his arm missing.

Goldberg-Polin’s parents first viewed that footage after an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in October. During the live TV interview, as they recounted eyewitness testimonies of their son’s capture, Cooper realized he had heard details of the story previously.

Days before, while at the site of the Nova music festival, an Israeli soldier shared a video with Cooper. The footage depicted Hamas fighters throwing grenades into a bomb shelter. In the video, a young Israeli man seen with his hand severely injured, bone protruding from his wrist. He was then led out of the shelter and placed into a truck with four others. Cooper realized this was Rachel and John’s son.


To avoid surprising Rachel and John on live television, Cooper reached out to them after the interview. He offered to show them the video privately. After viewing it, they confirmed that the man in the footage was indeed their son. Then they requested for the video to be share more widely.

Rachel Goldberg-Polin informed by witnesses that around 29 people crowded inside the shelter. Before Hamas started throwing grenades inside. Eight people managed to survive by hiding under the bodies of those who died, while her son was one of several taken as hostages.

For the past six months, Rachel Goldberg-Polin has been tirelessly campaigning for the release of her son. She shared with News Agency in January her poignant method of marking each passing day. Since Hersh taken by Hamas fighters by wearing a piece of tape, symbolizing the ongoing anguish of his absence.

Hersh, aged 23, had exciting plans for a round the world trip, meticulously planned and eagerly anticipated. However, on December 27, the day he supposed to embark on his adventure, the circumstances drastically changed. Instead of seeing him off at the airport with joy and anticipation, Rachel found herself there with friends, clutching stickers adorned with Hersh’s image. In a heartrending act of hope and solidarity, she distributed these stickers to passengers boarding his flight, urging them to carry a piece of her son’s spirit with them on their journeys and to send back photos from the places they visit a touching reminder of the world Hersh had hoped to explore.


Rachel Goldberg-Polin delivered a poignant plea to the negotiating parties involved, urging them to summon bravery and determination to seize the present moment and strike a deal that would bring about the long-awaited reunion of families and alleviate the prevailing suffering in the region. Her impassioned words echoed a collective desire for swift action and resolution to the ongoing crisis.

Turning her attention directly to her son, Hersh, she spoke with heartfelt emotion, acknowledging the profound significance of hearing his voice after an agonizing 201 days of separation. With an outpouring of love and unwavering support, she implored him to draw strength from their connection and to persevere through the challenges he faces. Her message served as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of uncertainty, offering reassurance that their bond remains unbreakable and urging him to remain steadfast in his resolve to survive.