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Gunman Holds Multiple Hostages Dutch Club Threatening Blast



Gunman Holds Multiple Hostages Dutch Club Threatening Blast

Police handcuffed one man while the other, wearing a black mask, was involved. Both men exited a nightclub in the eastern Dutch town of Ede where several people had been taken hostages.

Police said in a statement that a hostage situation in a nightclub of Ede was continuing on Saturday. After the negotiate three hostages have been released.

Earlier on Saturday, a guy with a gun grabbed some folks and said he’d set off a bomb. We are unsure how many people are still trapped in the Ede club. According to reporters they saw three workers running away with their hands up.

Police said that they sent special police squads to the spot, a building smack dab in the middle of town. They also mentioned they cleared out 150 houses and told everyone to stay clear of the area.


Reporters reported that a guy armed with weapons and explosives was holding some folks at the Petticoat nightclub. They got the scoop from a few unnamed sources.

A reporter from NOS mentioned they saw a robot controlled from a distance. The Purpose of this robot along with units to deal with explosives, and cops wearing protective gear at the site.

Dutch police revealed that they released three people from the Petticoat nightclub, where a gunman is holding others hostage. They didn’t say much more, but they did mention they’ve got one person in custody.

According to Police a hostage has been arrested from night club in Ede
Police claimed that a hostage has been arrested

“The final hostage just got out. We arrested one person, but we can’t say more right now,” said the police.  It is not clear at the moment if the arrested man was a hostage or gunman from the club.

The railway operator, NS, updated its website to announce that it had stopped train service to and from Ede.

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