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Grammy Award Winner Mandisa Too Soon Died at age of 47



Even more than her music, the Platinum-selling singer will forever be known for her huge heart and sincerity,' Christian radio station K-Love said in a statement around Mandisa's death.

Mandisa Lynn Hundley, professionally known as Mandisa, passed away at age of 47. She was an American singer in the gospel and contemporary Christian music genres. She gained fame as a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol, finishing in ninth place. Mandisa made history as the fifth American Idol contestant to win a Grammy Award, earning recognition for her album “Overcomer” in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album category.

Mandisa competed on the fifth season of American Idol. She finished in ninth place. Later, she became well known for her amazing music in the Christian genre.

We don’t know why Mandisa passed away. She was found dead in her Nashville home on April 18th. It’s a sad mystery.

In 2017, Mandisa talked to ABC News about her battle with depression. She bravely shared that she even thought about ending her own life.


More than just her music, Mandisa will always be remembered for her caring heart and genuine sincerity,” said K-Love, a Christian radio station, in a statement announcing her passing.

Mandisa’s love for Jesus was evident to all, and she never missed a chance to share about Him. Her kindness was remarkable, her smile infectious, and her voice powerful. But above all, her heart was the biggest of all,” stated David Pierce, the station’s media officer.

Mandisa faced challenges, and she was brave enough to tell us about them. This helped us feel comfortable discussing our own struggles.

Mandisa was born in Citrus Heights, California. She went to American River College in Sacramento, where she studied vocal jazz. Later, she pursued music at Fisk University in Tennessee.


Mandisa released her first album, True Beauty, in 2007. Then, in 2013, her album Overcomer won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

The singer competed on the fifth season of the show (pictured), finishing in ninth place. After that, she went on to have a celebrated career in Christian music.
The singer competed on the fifth season of the show (pictured), finishing in ninth place. After that, she went on to have a celebrated career in Christian music.

In 2005, Mandisa auditioned for American Idol. She listed her musical inspirations as diverse, ranging from Def Leppard to Whitney Houston.

However, during her initial performance on the show, judge Simon Cowell made insensitive comments about her weight, quipping. Do we have a bigger stage this year?

When Paula Abdul commented that Mandisa’s voice sounded “French,” Simon Cowell interjected with a somewhat sarcastic remark, suggesting that a more fitting comparison would be to the entire country of France. His response, while potentially humorous to some, highlights a moment where Mandisa faced not only critiques of her talent but also insensitive comments about her appearance. Such instances underscore the challenges individuals may encounter, even in pursuit of their dreams, and the importance of promoting kindness and respect in all interactions.

Simon Cowell’s joke about Mandisa’s weight sparked complaints from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, highlighting the impact of his remarks. However, Mandisa chose to address Cowell directly later in the season. With grace and vulnerability, she expressed how his words had hurt her, causing tears and pain.


Despite this, she offered forgiveness, drawing a powerful parallel to the forgiveness extended by Jesus. Mandisa’s response exemplified strength and compassion, prompting Cowell to apologize and acknowledge being humbled by her words. This moment not only showcased Mandisa’s resilience but also emphasized the importance of forgiveness and empathy in overcoming adversity.

American Idol & Mandisa:

In 2005, Mandisa auditioned for American Idol in Chicago. She introduced herself simply as “Mandisa” and shared her wide-ranging musical influences, from Whitney Houston to Def Leppard.

During her audition, judge Simon Cowell made comments about Mandisa’s weight, which sparked criticism from groups like the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Mandisa later confronted Cowell, expressing how his words had hurt her but also forgiving him, drawing from her faith to extend grace.

Despite the initial challenges, Mandisa impressed the judges with her performance of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” and made it to the top 12 contestants of the fifth season of American Idol.


However, Mandisa was eliminated on April 5, 2006, despite never being in the bottom three before. She appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after her elimination, like many other contestants.

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