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Former ‘General Hospital’ Star Johnny Wactor Tragically Killed in Los Angeles



Johnny Wactor

Actor Johnny Wactor, famous for his role on the daytime drama “General Hospital,” shot and killed in Los Angeles while trying to stop a crime. His family and the police confirmed the incident.

Wactor’s mother, Scarlett Wactor, shared the heartbreaking news. He was 37 years old.

Johnny Wactor, known for his role on “General Hospital,” shot and killed in Los Angeles while trying to stop a crime, according to his family and police.

His mother, Scarlett Johnny Wactor, described him as “a light in a dark room,” saying, “There is a huge hole in all of us, and there is no fixing that.”


Johnny Wactor’s manager, Marco Cuadros, called the incident a “senseless tragedy,” adding, “Johnny Wactor was such a kind soul, a talented actor, and an inspiration to those around him. His professionalism, enthusiasm, and love for his craft were infectious, making him a joy to work with. He pursued his dreams and achieved them while caring for others.”

Johnny Wactor’s agent, David Shaul, told Variety that Johnny Wactor was a dedicated worker and an exemplary person.

In the ups and downs of a tough job, he always stayed positive and worked hard to be his best, Shaul said. After being together for more than ten years, his absence will leave a permanent void in our hearts.

The Los Angeles police, while not revealing the identity of the deceased, provided a description of the incident.


Around 3:25 a.m. on Sunday, the victim encountered three individuals who were in the process of stealing a catalytic converter from a car near Pico Boulevard and Hope Street, in the southwest corner of downtown Los Angeles, according to the police department.

When the victim approached them, one of the three suspects pulled out a gun and opened fire. The victim hit by the gunfire and critically injured.

Johnny Wactor, seen here alongside his mother Scarlett and brothers Grant and Lance, shared a special moment at Scarlett's surprise 60th birthday party in January.
Johnny Wactor, seen here alongside his mother Scarlett and brothers Grant and Lance, shared a special moment at Scarlett’s surprise 60th birthday party in January.

Despite prompt efforts by emergency responders, the victim pronounced dead at the scene. The police are currently investigating the incident and searching for the suspects involved in the shooting.

Scarlett Johnny Wactor, speaking from South Carolina over the phone, shared that her son had been working as a bartender at a rooftop venue nearby. After the last call, he stayed behind to assist with a thorough cleaning. Later, he walked to his car parked down the street, accompanied by three of his co-workers.

Two of the co-workers went their separate ways to reach their own vehicles. By leaving her son and one co-worker together, she explained. As they approached his car, they noticed it raised up on a jack.


Initially, he thought it might towed because he parked on the street in an unfamiliar area. Which knowing he would working later than usual, she said.

He positioned himself in front of his co-worker and approached someone on the ground next to his car, asking if it towed, she recounted. Suddenly, the person shot him, she said. She added that the two other individuals described by the police were waiting in a nearby vehicle.

Johnny Wactor, originally from Charleston, South Carolina, had aspirations of acting since his elementary school days, according to Scarlett Wactor. After attending Rollings Middle School of the Arts in South Carolina, he relocated to Hollywood. Even after moving, he remained connected with his theater instructor, she mentioned.

He stayed committed to his passion by attending acting classes whenever possible, Scarlett Johnny Wactor noted. Additionally, he found pleasure in rock climbing whenever he had free time, she added.


The entertainment industry posed challenges, and Scarlett Wactor recalled a time. When she worried he might struggle to make ends meet in Hollywood.

He began his television career with a role on Lifetime’s “West Wives” and later became a familiar face on “General Hospital.” Which appearing in a total of 164 episodes. In the series, he portrayed Brando, the son of Bonnie Borroughs’ character, Gladys Corbin. As per information from the Internet Movie Database.

Additionally, he made appearances on television’s “Westworld” and lent his voice to the video game “Call of Duty: Vanguard,” according to IMDb.

Scarlett Johnny Wactor expressed that her son’s work in acting might provide some solace as she copes with her loss.


“I believe that when I watch Johnny in the videos and recordings. He’s doing the same up there in heaven and finding joy in it,” she expressed.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the crime.

The incident occurred just a brief stroll away from Crypto Arena, the venue where the Lakers host their home games.

Thieves have been targeting catalytic converters because they’re loaded with valuable metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. During the pandemic, the prices of these metals shot up, making converters even more attractive to thieves.


In 2022, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported a peak in converter thefts across the country.

To combat this trend, several states, including California and Rhode Island. Which have implemented laws aimed at making it tougher for thieves to sell stolen converters and the precious metals inside. These laws are part of a wave of legislation designed to curb the rising tide of converter thefts.

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