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Copa America Semi Final matches Schedule 2024



2024 Copa America Semi Final matches Schedule

Copa America semi final schedule is now available Copa America is in full swing and the excitement is soaring Only four teams have advanced beyond the group stage and quarterfinals.

Here’s a quick overview of the Semi Final that are taking place right now.

Argentina vs Canada July 9th is Tuesday.

Metlife stadium east Rutherford, ma will host a match between Argentina , led by Lionel Messi, and Canada, whose team is resolute but unyielding. Canada will play in the Copa America semi-final for the first time. They will be playing with a lot of heart.

Uruguay vs. Columbia: Wednesday, July 10th.

The bank of America stadium in charlotte, il, will host the Uruguay vs. Columbia game, which will feature two south American powerhouses. Uruguay’s defense is strong, Colombia has been unbeaten in 27 games.


A tactical battle with a high stakes. Catch a glimpse of some world class football fever Keep up with the Copa America as these thrilling games take place.

The Copa América heats up with the semi-final matches! Get the full schedule for Argentina vs. Canada and Uruguay vs. Colombia, and who will advance to the finals?

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Who are you predicting will advance to the finals? Share your thoughts in the comments below!