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Colombia vs Uruguay Semi Final COPA AMERICA 2024 Preview, Predictions



Colombia vs Uruguay Semi Final COPA AMERICA 2024 Preview, Predictions

Welcome to the grand final of the Copa América 2024! No, I am not getting ahead of myself, and you didn’t make a mistake in the blog. I am really talking about the two best teams of the Copa América 2024, with all due respect to Argentina. In this article you read about Colombia vs Uruguay Semi Final COPA AMERICA 2024 Preview and Predictions.

Argentina has not had a clear path, and even when they had a chance against Ecuador, Enner Valencia missed a penalty. We are talking about Colombia and Uruguay, who have been by far the two best teams in the Copa América. It’s a shame that they meet in the semi-finals and not in the grand final.

So, yes, everyone is welcome to the semifinals of the Copa América 2024 and the great game ahead. We are set to witness a derby, a classic match in this Copa América, the most evenly matched contest of all. Colombia versus Uruguay is the game everyone is talking about. We are doing quite well with our predictions, with 23 hits and six misses so far.

As I mentioned in another blog, a viewer pointed out an error in my predictions for Spain versus France. He mentioned that I didn’t fail in the Germany and Portugal predictions. While the main predictions did miss, the double chances were correct, and those are still counted.


Now, let’s dive into the super preview and prediction for this Colombia vs Uruguay semi final match in the Copa América 2024. First, I want to congratulate both teams and send them all my best wishes. May the best team win.

The prediction is secondary to the analysis and the action on the field, which will ultimately decide the outcome between these two evenly matched teams. If you are Uruguayan or Colombian, please leave a comment about which team you support and from which city you are watching. The match will be played next Wednesday, July 11, at 8 pm US time, 9 pm Uruguay time, and 7 pm Colombia time.

Uruguay comes into this match after beating Brazil on penalties, following a 0-0 draw in regular time. On the other hand, Colombia reached the semi-final in a different manner, delivering a football exhibition against Panama with goals from Córdoba, James, Luis Díaz, Ríos, and Miguel Borja. Colombia’s outstanding performance moves them into this semi-final with high morale and an undefeated streak.

Historically, Uruguay has the upper hand with 20 victories out of 45 matches against Colombia, who have 12 victories and 12 draws. In Copa América matches alone, Uruguay leads with six victories to Colombia’s three, along with two draws. The most recent encounters include a 2-2 draw in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and a 0-0 draw in the 2021 Copa América quarterfinals, where Colombia won on penalties.


Key players to watch include Fede Valverde for Uruguay, who has had a stellar tournament, and James Rodríguez for Colombia. Who is arguably the best player of Copa América 2024 with his extraordinary form. The probable lineups see Uruguay facing some challenges with key players out due to injuries. While Colombia’s lineup looks solid with their main players ready to go.

This match promises to be thrilling and closely contested. Colombia is on a remarkable unbeaten streak, while Uruguay, under Marcelo Bielsa, is always a formidable opponent. Despite the injuries, Uruguay remains a tough team to beat.

However, considering Colombia’s consistent performance and form, my prediction is that Colombia will advance to the grand final. While I foresee a very close match that might even end in a draw, Colombia appears to have the edge.

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So, join us for this exciting match, leave your predictions and comments, and let’s enjoy this football spectacle together. Good luck to both teams, and may the best team win!

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