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Chinese Girls Win at 2024 World School Basketball Championship



Chinese girls basketball team secures their win at ISF.

On Tuesday, the Chinese girls basketball team completed a terrific victory over the France girls’ crew at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion in Macao, China. This win secured their name on the 2024 International School Sport Federation (ISF) World School Basketball Championship.

Despite a hard start inside the first zone, China bounced lower back strongly inside the second, finishing the first half with a 41-36 lead. They maintained their momentum at some stage in the second one half of, in the end clinching a seventy two-65 victory.

China’s captain, Hu Ruiyan, also led the team with an outstanding 19 points at some stage in the game. On the French side, while Camille Chemin made a remarkable contribution with 12 factors.

China’s head coach, Peng Lijun, told Xinhua that before the game. They studied past matches closely, concentrating on improving defense and rebounding skills.


Despite recognizing France’s strong performance, Peng Lijun commended her players for their resilience and ability to handle pressure during the match.

Peng mentioned, “The girls have learned a lot from this experience, competing against teams from different countries.”

On the same day, Greece won the boys’ final by beating France 74-63 to become champions. Türkiye and New Zealand secured third place in the boys’ and girls’ games, respectively.

The 2024 ISF World School Basketball Championship started last Monday. It consists of 37 teams from 20 exclusive international locations and regions.


Kong Chi Meng, director of Macao’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ), underscored the significance of web hosting the match. He also highlighted that this event represents a milestone for Macao. Which marking its inaugural website hosting of an worldwide school basketball opposition.

Kong Chi Meng expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity this event provides for Macao to showcase its capabilities on the global stage of youth sports.

With more than 600 athletes participating, the competition proceeded without any major issues. As the host nation, it was immensely gratifying to witness the Chinese Girls Basketball team secure the championship. As remarked Kong Chi Meng, director of Macao’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ).

Kong Chi Meng emphasized the success of the event in bringing together athletes from around the world. And highlighted the positive impact of hosting such a prestigious international tournament in Macao.

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