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Celtics Five Clutch Moments in Game 5 That Won the NBA Title



Boston Celtics team and fans are celebrating their championship victory.

On Monday, the Boston Celtics claimed their record 18th NBA title with a thrilling win. Throughout the game, the Celtics went on impressive scoring runs and capitalized on crucial moments to shift the momentum in their favor. These key plays and hot stretches helped them secure their first championship since 2008, marking a significant achievement in the team’s storied history.

These were the five moments that sealed Game 5 for the Celtics:

Payton Pritchard Delivers Again:

Payton Pritchard made another incredible halfcourt buzzer-beater in the NBA title Finals. His amazing shot at the end of the second quarter gave the Celtics a commanding 67-46 lead at halftime in Game 5.

This wasn’t the first time he pulled off such a feat; he also hit a halfcourt buzzer-beater in Game 1. Pritchard’s ability to make these long-distance shots provided a huge boost to the Celtics and played a crucial role in their championship run.


Pritchard’s shot on Monday felt like a crushing blow to the Mavericks. They had been working hard to keep up with the Celtics, even though they were having trouble finding their offensive rhythm.

Pritchard buzzer-beater increased the Celtics’ lead to 21 points at halftime, the largest lead of the night at that point. Instead of an 18-point gap, the 21-point difference made it seem much harder for Dallas to catch up.

Pritchard is developing a reputation as a specialist in these situations. Coach Joe Mazzulla strategically puts him into the game when the Celtics have the ball for an in-bound play in the last moments of a quarter. It makes sense Pritchard has shown he can deliver with these critical shots, so why wouldn’t the coach capitalize on his ability?

Kristaps Porzingis Makes His Presence Felt:

There was uncertainty about whether Porzingis, dealing with a rare leg injury, would play in Game 5. However, he did take the court. His presence became pivotal when, with 9:08 remaining in the game, he emphatically dunked to extend the Celtics’ lead to 21 points.


At this juncture of the game, the Celtics appeared to have a firm grasp on the lead. Despite this, the fans at TD Garden were eagerly anticipating a notable moment from their cherished player, Porzingis.

Finally, he delivered with a resounding dunk that captured everyone’s attention. Throughout the game, Porzingis contributed a total of five points during his 13 minutes on the court, showcasing his impact in limited playing time.

Derrick White’s Unwavering Effort on Display:

The Celtics’ relentless energy and commitment were vividly showcased when Derrick White fearlessly dove onto the parquet floor to secure a loose ball. In a gritty moment of play, White went after the ball alongside the Mavericks’ Dereck Lively, putting his body on the line.

Despite the risk of injury, White’s dedication and determination were evident as he sacrificed himself to help his team maintain possession and keep the momentum going. His selfless act exemplified the Celtics’ unwavering resolve and their willingness to leave everything on the court in pursuit of victory.


During the game, Derrick White suffered an injury when he dove for the loose ball, resulting in a chipped front tooth and both front teeth becoming loose, as reported by the ABC broadcast.

Despite the injury, White remained in the game and contributed significantly, scoring 14 points and grabbing eight rebounds. His resilience and determination to continue playing despite the discomfort underscored his commitment to helping the Celtics secure the win.

Celtics Seize First Quarter Momentum:

At the end of the first quarter, the Celtics surged ahead with a burst of momentum. Holding a narrow 21-18 lead, Sam Hauser made a crucial 3-pointer. Immediately after, the Celtics forced a turnover on defense.

This turnover allowed Jayson Tatum to find Jaylen Brown, who was named Finals MVP, for a simple layup right under the basket. This sequence extended the Celtics’ lead and energized the team heading into the second quarter.


Dallas couldn’t score on their next possession, and Jayson Tatum capitalized for the Celtics. His basket extended Boston’s lead to 10 points as the game transitioned to the second quarter.

Al Horford Sparks Celtics’ Momentum:

Al Horford ignited the Celtics’ strong start by hitting a 3-pointer from the top of the key. His shot extended Boston’s lead to 9-2 with 7:26 remaining in the first quarter, prompting the Mavericks to call their first timeout of the game.

Before Al Horford’s shot, the beginning of the first quarter was tough for both teams. Jrue Holiday had scored the Celtics’ first six points, all near the basket. Horford changed the momentum with his 3-pointer, marking Boston’s first successful shot from long range.

Horford, a seasoned player with 17 years in the NBA, finally achieved his dream of becoming an NBA champion title.

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