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Bruins Cheer as Pastrnak Takes on Tkachuk in Epic Clash!



Bruins-Panthers, including Pastrnak vs. Tkachuk fight.

Even though the Boston Bruins lost to the Florida Panthers, David Pastrnak and his team showed they weren’t giving up easily. In fact, they got into a physical fight during the game.

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Matthew Tkachuk has been at the center of the intense rivalry between the Florida Panthers and the Boston Bruins for the past two seasons. It’s highly likely that Tkachuk will continue to be a key player when the two teams meet again in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Second Round at TD Garden on Friday. The game scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET and can watched on MAX, truTV, TNT, SN, TVAS, and CBC. at more potential clashes.

In Boston, despite facing a tough loss against the Florida Panthers, David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins showed they weren’t backing down on Wednesday night. The scoreboard might have favored the Panthers, but the Bruins weren’t going down without a fight quite literally.


As Game 2 progressed, tensions soared, especially in the later stages. With the Panthers holding a commanding 6-1 lead and only about eight minutes left in the game, emotions were running high. Throughout the period, there had already been a number of minor scuffles and altercations on the ice, hinting at more potential conflicts.

However, what caught many by surprise Boston’s involvement in a physical altercation with just over seven minutes left to play. For only the second time in his career, David Pastrnak decided to drop his gloves and engage in a fight. None other than Florida’s star player and notorious instigator, Matthew Tkachuk. Tkachuk is no stranger to fighting, and it showed in the brief scuffle between the two standout athletes.

Pastrnak vs. Tkachuk.
Pastrnak vs. Tkachuk.

Pastrnak not pleased with the extra punches Tkachuk threw while he was down on the ice. So he retaliated with a few swings of his own after the referees had Tkachuk restrained. As a result, both players received fighting penalties and game misconducts. They joined the list of players from both teams who had already ejected from the game earlier.

Before the fight occurred, it was clear that Pastrnak had planned it in advance. He seen on the Boston bench communicating with head coach Jim Montgomery. Which indicating his intention to engage in a fight with Tkachuk.

While most head coaches wouldn’t typically encourage their top scorer to participate in physical altercations, Montgomery supported Pastrnak’s decision after the game, despite the loss.


Montgomery expressed his pride in Pastrnak’s actions, stating, “I’m really proud of Pasta.” He highlighted the distinction between players who engage in post whistle altercations while the linesmen intervene and those, like Pastrnak and Tkachuk, who opt to settle their differences through a fair fight.

Montgomery emphasized the value of competitiveness in hockey players, commending Pastrnak and Tkachuk for demonstrating that spirit on the ice.

Florida head coach Paul Maurice echoed Montgomery’s sentiment, expressing his approval of the fight. “I thought it was awesome,” Maurice remarked.

Following the game, Pastrnak admitted that he doesn’t typically engage in fights. But emphasized that he isn’t afraid of Tkachuk. Despite Tkachuk’s extensive experience with over two dozen fights in his NHL career. “I can take a punch,” Pastrnak asserted. “And I’d do anything for these guys here.” He underscored his willingness to stand up for his teammates and the strong bond within the team.


The third period turned into a flurry of punches, with both teams accumulating a staggering 136 penalty minutes in the final 10 minutes of the game. It felt like a skirmish brewing after every stoppage in play. It’s resulting in six players from each team ejected from the game and sent to the dressing room early.

For Boston, Pastrnak, Brad Marchand, Charlie McAvoy, Justin Brazeau, Trent Frederic, and Pat Maroon were all given the boot. On the Florida side, Tkachuk, Nick Cousins, Eetu Loustarinen. Dmitry Kulikov, Niko Mikkola, and Sam Reinhart also handed early exits from the game.

Before the Pastrnak Tkachuk fight, a huge brawl broke out when Brandon Montour scored Florida’s sixth goal of the night. Further celebrated it right in front of Brad Marchand. Marchand took offense to Montour’s actions, sparking a series of chaotic events on the ice.

As a result of the altercation, four out of the twelve misconducts issued that evening handed out.


Unfortunately for the Bruins, the altercation between Pastrnak and Tkachuk was the only highlight of Game 2 for them. Now, as the series heads back to Boston, it’s tied 1-1.

However, the Bruins should be fired up when they return to TD Garden on Friday night. As thanks to Pastrnak’s unexpected fight with Tkachuk.

When Pastrnak decided to take on Tkachuk, it wasn’t solely about winning a fight. It was about something much bigger: stepping up and defending his teammates. Throughout the game, the Panthers had been taunting and taking swings at Bruins players.

Pastrnak’s actions were a statement that the Bruins wouldn’t tolerate being pushed around any longer. It was about sending a clear message to the Panthers that they wouldn’t back down and that they were ready to stand up for themselves and each other.


It’s evident that there’s no love lost between these two teams, dating back to last postseason when Florida knocked Boston out in the first round, ending their historic season. The animosity was further fueled by the extracurricular activities on Wednesday night, adding more fuel to the fire. All of this sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting and intense Game 3 in Boston on Friday night.

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