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Bronny James Grandmother Ends Draft Drama with Her Comments



Bronny James, in the corner his grandmother.

Bronny James has had a busy week on account that being picked with the aid of the Los Angeles Lakers as the fifty fifth universal pick out in the NBA Draft. Many anticipated this due to his father LeBron James who’s now additionally his teammate. They may be the first father son duo to play collectively inside the NBA.

This decision has faced criticism. The Lakers are being criticized for picking Bronny James with fans saying it’s because he is LeBron’s son. People are divide on whether the Lakers made the right choice as some think Bronny might not be ready for the NBA.

Gloria James shared her thoughts on the special moment

Bronny has received both support and criticism. Gloria James LeBron’s mother and Bronny’s grandmother showed her support on Instagram. She posted:

Last week my family and I had the honor of attending a private watch party for the 2024 NBA Draft.


Until my grandson Bronny pick 55th in the second round by the Lakers I thought about seeing him born 18 years ago and how much I love him and wonder about his future.

Throughout his life I’ve witnessed Bronny grow into the incredible young man he is today. I am immensely proud and honored to be his grandmother. Seeing him fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA brings me true happiness.

I pray that God continues to bless you with success and protection as you embark on this new chapter of playing in the NBA.

Continue to strive for greatness and reach new heights. With all my love.


Time will tell if the Lakers made the right decision. Now the historic franchise aims to strengthen their roster to support James and AD. With JJ Redick stepping into his first NBA coaching role Los Angeles is ready for a season fill with intriguing storylines.

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