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British Boxer Sherif Lawal Passes Away At 29 Due To Head Injury



Boxer Sherif Lawal

British boxer Sherif Lawal has passed away after suffering a head injury during his first professional fight, various news sources report. He was 29 years old.

Lawal, who was making his debut in the professional boxing ring. Which faced a tragic fate as he sustained a severe injury during the match. Despite efforts to save him, Lawal could not recover from the trauma he endured in the ring. His untimely demise has left the boxing community and his loved ones in mourning.

Another player died in USA due to cancer.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with the sport of boxing. And underscores the importance of safety measures to protect athletes.


Lawal was participating in a boxing match at the Harrow Leisure Centre in London on Sunday, May 12. During the match, he received a strong hit to his temple. According to a statement from the event’s promoter, Warren Boxing Management. The blow caused him significant injury, leading to his collapse in the ring.

The incident occurred during Lawal’s professional debut, adding to the tragedy of the situation. His condition quickly deteriorated, despite efforts to provide medical assistance at the venue. The following day, news of Lawal’s passing spread through social media. Whcih prompting an outpouring of condolences from the boxing community and beyond.

The loss of Lawal serves as a sobering reminder of the inherent risks involved in competitive sports. Particularly boxing, and highlights the need for stringent safety measures to protect athletes.

In a statement released by Warren Boxing Management, it revealed that Sherif Lawal was making his debut at a boxing event held at the Harrow Leisure Centre. The event also featured a scheduled fight involving another boxer, Courtney Bennett. Who is under the management of the same company.


Tragically, during Lawal’s fight, he collapsed in the ring. Despite the immediate response from paramedics and their best efforts to assist him. Lawal’s condition worsened, and he later pronounced dead. The sudden and heartbreaking turn of events has deeply saddened everyone involved in the boxing community, emphasizing the risks associated with the sport.

The loss of Lawal serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safety measures and the need for constant vigilance in protecting the well-being of athletes.

Wrapping up their statement, Warren Boxing Management extended their heartfelt condolences to Sherif Lawal’s family, friends, coaches, and all those who were close to him. They expressed deep sympathy for the profound loss experienced by everyone affected by this tragic event.

The sentiment underscores the shared grief felt by the entire boxing community and emphasizes the need for support and compassion during this difficult time.


Lawal’s bout against Portuguese opponent Malam Varela marked the opening match of the event. However, following Lawal’s fatal injury, all subsequent fights scheduled for the event canceled.

The decision to cancel the remaining matches made in light of the severity of Lawal’s condition and out of respect for him and his family. The cancellation underscores the somber atmosphere that enveloped the venue as a result of the tragic turn of events.

On Monday, the British Boxing Board of Control issued a statement confirming the death of Sherif Lawal, as reported by NBC. The statement expressed the Board’s solidarity with Lawal’s family, friends, and everyone impacted by this tragedy.

It conveyed the collective sorrow felt within the boxing community in Great Britain, emphasizing the shared grief and support during this challenging time.

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