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Argentina vs Peru: Player Lionel Messi was absent so Lautaro Martinez excelled and outperformed Maradona!



Argentina vs Peru Player Lionel Messi was absent so Lautaro Martinez excelled and outperformed Maradona!

Contrary to many expectations, the Argentine national team excelled without their star player Lionel Messi. It was widely thought that the team would face significant challenges and struggle to win matches.

However, the reality was quite different during their match against Peru which took place early on Sunday.

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Argentina secured a victory defeating Peru with two goals scored by Lautaro Martinez. This match was part of the second round of the group stage in the Copa America tournament.


The Argentine team topped their group with a perfect score, having won all their matches against Canada, Chile, and Peru.

Lautaro Martinez, you have no fear

Despite the fears of player Lionel Messi absence, Lautaro Martinez succeeded in getting rid of those fears brilliantly when he scored the two goals of the victory.

Martinez cooperated more than perfectly with his fellow players, whether Alejandro Garanacho or Angel Di Maria which contributed greatly to covering Messi’s absence in that confrontation.

The stars of the Argentine national team proved that they are capable of confronting any opponent, after the wonderful level they showed against Peru, in terms of control, possession, and creating opportunities despite the absence of their first star Messi.

Martinez surpassed Maradona

The Argentine national team has scored 5 goals so far in the Copa America Championship, including 4 goals scored by Lautaro Martinez, a special number for the Tango striker.


Martinez made history, after he succeeded in surpassing the number of goals of the legend Diego Maradona by scoring 17 goals while Maradona’s goals are 15 making him equal with Di Maria on the list topped by Messi with 57 goals.

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