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Akron Mass Shooting 1 Killed, 25 Injured in Gunfire Tragedy



Shooting place where police marking signs

The police in Akron are looking into a big shooting that happened early on Sunday morning near Kelly and 8th Avenues.

Police officers went to the place shortly after midnight because many people called 911. They said that they heard gunshots and many people hit by them.

As police were on their way to the place workers at the hospital said that many people were coming in with injuries from shot.

According to the police total of 25 individuals were victims of the shooting incident. Tragically among them was a 27 year old man who lost his life. However the police have not disclosed his identity yet respecting the privacy of his loved ones during this difficult time.


A spokesperson represents Summa Health stated that they attended to 15 patients brought in following the incident. Fortunately 13 of them sustained injuries that deemed non life threatening provide some relief amid the chaos of the situation.

One person is very sick and doctors are working hard to help him. Sadly a 27 year old man came to the hospital already passed away. There are 13 other people who hurt but their injuries are not life threatening. Some of them have already allowed to go home.

Mike Bernstein who speaks for Summa Health said, we are thinking about the people who hurt and their families. I want to say thank you to the firefighters, police and doctors who worked hard to help our patients and our community.

In Akron where police cars gathered.
In Akron where police cars gathered.

Seven people who shot taken to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital after shooting. One of them was badly hurt. The Emergency Department locked down tightly just after midnight and reopened at 3:26 am.

People who live nearby told SG News that the firing happened at a big birthday party.


Jehovah Jones said, “At first, I heard sounds like fireworks. I thought it was the Fourth of July. Then I saw cars and everyone started running. I was really scared. Really scared. I have kids. What if it had been me?”

Joyoux Payne said, “We were outside, having a good time, and then suddenly, we’re running to save ourselves. It happened so quickly. There were a lot of people, but there was no trouble, no fighting, nothing. I don’t understand why.” “We were all just enjoying ourselves, dancing, listening to music, and then suddenly, there were gunshots while we were dancing. We were having fun, and then there were bullets flying. How? Why? It happened so fast.”

Police said they found one gun and lots of bullet casings at the scene.

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