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10 year old Dogecoin Wallet Sells Too Early, Missed Millions Dollars in Profit



Dogecoin Wallet.

In a big twist, a person who invested in Dogecoin (DOGE) and owned one of the biggest Dogecoin wallets for the past ten years didn’t make as much money as they could have. They sold all their DOGE tokens in late 2023, but it turned out to be a bad time because the price went up a lot afterward. This investor started collecting DOGE in late 2013.

Recently, same history repeated in Florida where also a lot of loss happened.

The markets known for being really hard to predict. You can’t easily figure out when a trend will reach its highest or lowest point. And making money isn’t simple either.

Sometimes traders not only lose out on profits but also miss big market opportunities by selling at the wrong time. Benzinga shares a story about a Dogecoin (DOGE) investor who perfectly illustrates this.


In late 2023, one of the largest Dogecoin (DOGE) wallets from the past decade decided to sell its tokens. Unfortunately, this sale happened just before a significant surge in DOGE prices, missing out on a potentially lucrative opportunity.

The story of this wallet dates back to late 2013, just 21 days after the launch of DOGE tokens. Back then, the wallet’s owner made an initial investment of only $146.87, which turned into over 274,000 DOGE tokens.

Throughout 2014, the wallet continued to acquire more tokens. Which making several investments ranging from just a few cents to a few hundred dollars. In total, the wallet invested around $5,000 in DOGE during 2013 and 2014.

The owner of the wallet made a final investment of $195.61 in early 2015 before ceasing activity until 2023.

Dogecoin Wallet as buy, hold and sell.
Dogecoin Wallet as buy, hold and sell.

Between 2015 and 2023, the price of DOGE soared, particularly in 2021. This surge fueled by social media hype and garnered attention from influential figures like Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk. As a result, DOGE’s value skyrocketed from less than 1/100 of a cent to a high of nearly 75 cents. By creating immense wealth for many investors.

During this period, the wallet’s owner witnessed their roughly $5,000 investment in DOGE balloon into a staggering sum of over $4 million at its peak. Despite this remarkable increase in wealth, the owner chose not to sell their DOGE holdings at that time.

In 2022 and 2023, the price of DOGE experienced a significant decline, dropping by over 90% of its value. This downturn mainly attributed to the broader crypto bear market. Where the majority of digital tokens saw steep declines in their value.

During this period, DOGE was not immune to the market’s downward trend, and it faced substantial losses alongside other cryptocurrencies. The bear market sentiment contributed to a lack of investor confidence and heightened selling pressure, exacerbating DOGE’s price decline.

The overall crypto market sentiment characterized by pessimism and uncertainty. Which with many investors opting to sell their assets amidst fears of further losses. Consequently, DOGE’s price suffered alongside other tokens, experiencing a substantial decrease in value throughout 2022 and 2023.


As DOGE started to show signs of recovery, the owner of the wallet made a decision to sell all of their tokens on October 28, 2023. This sale executed through three separate transactions, resulting in proceeds of approximately $370,000. In terms of DOGE tokens, this amounted to around 5.39 million DOGE sold.

After witnessing the tumultuous fluctuations in DOGE’s price and considering the previous highs and lows. The wallet’s owner opted to cash out at this juncture. This decision marked the end of their investment journey in DOGE, closing a chapter that had spanned nearly a decade.

Shortly after the sale, meme coins, including DOGE, started to gain significant momentum. DOGE, in particular, experienced remarkable growth, with its price surging by more than 60% year to date and over 120% since the date of the sale.

In 2024, DOGE reached its peak, soaring to as high as 23 cents per token. This marked an impressive increase of more than 235% compared to the average price of 68 cents at which the tokens were sold.


The surge in DOGE’s price left many investors regretting their decision to sell, especially considering the substantial gains that could have been realized if they had held onto their tokens longer. For the wallet’s owner, this missed opportunity amounted to a significant loss in potential profits.

If the wallet had chosen to hold onto the tokens until the present time, it would have witnessed an additional $450,000 in gains. However, had it sold at the peak in 2024, the total gain would have been nearly $900,000. This would have allowed the owner to sell the position for proceeds totaling $1.25 million.

These figures underscore the significant missed opportunities resulting from the decision to sell the DOGE tokens prematurely. The hindsight of potential gains serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market and the risks associated with timing investments.

For the wallet’s owner, the realization of what could have been serves as a valuable lesson in investment strategy and the importance of patience in navigating volatile markets.